Paris & France Tour Guide

Paris & France Tour Guide: the main sights, the famous castles and  fortresses, the best museums, WW1 – WW2 battlefields, the wineries etc.
You can see the regions and the cities of France on our map below. This will help you to choose the interesting routes for your trips from Paris for a day or more.

France travel map, Paris tour guide

France regions travel guide map.  We have been using this for a very long time.

Part 1. The best historical and military museums with author’s and even archival descriptions, the castles and not only the Loire Valley, the WW1- WW2 battlefields, the memorials and the cemeteries, the history, the emigration and the immigration. An archival and modern map with our marks will always help you to create your individual route and visit the main sights of the region. The map of the terminals of the airport Charles de Gaulle or Nice will help you start your trip around the region, and reviews of the resorts will help you choose the right one. Includes different sections: sports and recreation, ski resorts, bike, motorcycle and walking tours to the mountains. And, of course, French cuisine, a wine, liqueurs, champagne, cafes, canteens 🙂, restaurants and the tasting rooms…

Part 2. France Sights in the old photographs
– Paris on the rare photographs and the postcards of the 19th-20th centuries
– Champagne and Reims – World War I, photos and postcards with text
– Loire castles as they looked a hundred years ago and even official pictures
– Côte d’Azur, Riviera, photos and postcards, Nice, Cannes, beaches and ladies
– Ski resorts, postcards, Alps, mountains, Chamonix Mont Blanc
– Virtual tour of cities and regions, a journey back to the past.

Part 3. The best historical and technical museums in Paris and France
Louvre, the main collection of paintings and artifacts of all eras and peoples
– Les Invalides and Army Museum  – from Napoleon to Soviet partisans
Saumur Tank Museum, is one of the 5 world leaders. The Loire Valley
Air and Space museum in Le Bourget – separate and Normandie-Niemen hall
Reims Automobile museum – Cars, motorcycles. Champagne – the largest collection
Great War Museum in Meaux – world leader in WWI topics
– “Verdun Citadel” fortress, World War I famous battle and show 1916-2016
– The French Foreign Legion and not our Military Uniform Museum
– “Champagne de Castellane House Traditions” in Epernay, the cellars and tower

France & Paris Travel Guide: the best military, historical, technical museums

Our specialists have compiled professional descriptions of museum collections, including the use of our archival materials. Our team is actively involved in the life of the main French museums, for which we received a large number of thanks and the special status of “les amis du musée”, which allows us to make special author’s extended tours for guests and VIP clients.

Part 4. France interesting places, the history and the culture
– Castles of the Loire: the royal castle of Amboise, Chenonceau, Chambord, Angers, Blois and Saumur
– Epernay and Champagne – champagne cellars, houses of winemaking and tasting
– Mont Saint-Michel. Island, mountain, abbey and old town
– French Alps and Grenoble – ski resorts, sports and recreation
– Cote d’Azur and beaches – Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Grasse and the entire Riviera
– All the main attractions of the regions that are worth a visit.

Battlefields, famous WW1-WW2 memorials Western Front

– Champagne – Reims – Fort Pompelle – Mourmelon (World War I)
Verdun battlefield, city-fortress, memorials, forts and near Verdun
– Normandy, Caen and the coast. Landing on “D-day landing on beaches
– Maginot Line (World War II) – a fortified area and places of fierce battles
– Meaux, Compiègne, Cambrai, Ypres, Bruges and Dunkirk, famous from the movie
– Western front World War One main battles in France and Belgium
Guidebook and author’s description of the battlefields of the Western Front, including the battlefields of the special brigades of the expeditionary force, and the large-scale battlefield of Soviet partisans and underground fighters. We always have a historical map of the area with the guide, with which we lay the most optimal routes, individually.

Best private tours in Paris

City Sightseeing tours in Paris by a car – acquaintance with the capital with a guide
Walking tour of Montmartre – a favorite corner of tourists of all countries
Best Loire Valley tours from Paris, Castles & Winery – heritage of the ancestors
– Tour from Paris to Loire Castles – sightseeing tour “three castles in one day”
– Champagne houses in Epernay – museums, cellars and sparkling tasting rooms &
Champagne, Reims city – the Cathedral where the kings of France were crowned…
Chartres from Paris – the medieval city of Bourbons coronation and mosaics
Normandy – Rouen and Jeanne d’ Arc, Trouville, Caen and D-Day landing
Verdun Citadel fortress, trenches of the 1st World War, performances and shows
– Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois – Pantheon of the Great Exodus from from Soviet Russia
– “Evening Paris” – a trip to Paris at night for the New Year and Christmas
– Tours from Paris to Compiegne, Compiegne forest and palace, Truce glade
“God, punish England!” secret weapon of the Third Reich: V-1, V-2, V-3
– KGB tour. On a Soviet armored car reconnaissance at a NATO military base
– all tours – sightseeing and thematic for different categories of interests
— Reviews, personal experience, photo reports and photo albums after visiting…
Note. We conduct our author’s excursions for tourists and businessmen of all countries and all nationalities, primarily from the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States. In addition to English-speaking guides, we also have Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and other languages of the former USSR.

Cote d’Azur, sightseeing and unusual private tours
– Sightseeing tour of Nice, walking and driving
– Cannes, a trip from any city on the Côte d’Azur with a guide
The whole Riviera in one day, overview of all interesting places
— Principality of Monaco, Monte Carlo and its legendary casino
– One day trip to Italy, acquaintance and bazaars, San-Remo
– Provence, Nimes and Avignon, Toulon and the port city of Marseille, Château d’If
— Napoleon’s Road, perfume — excursions to Grasse and the Alps
– Author’s guide to the Cote d’Azur, Cannes and Nice.

Alps, the ski resorts in winter and summer
Brief author’s guide book. Popular the ski resorts on the map. Map of the communications, the ski slopes. Summer holidays in the mountains. Hiking, cycling, Nordic walking and even helicopter flights. Family and children’s rest. Old photographs and postcards. Modern photo albums and reviews of our friends. Five star hotels and chalets. What interesting things to see along the way or in the vicinity. How to get from the airport of Geneva or Grenoble, transfer and of course, a taxi with a driver who speaks your language.