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Before choosing a classic trip program that suits you or compiling your own, individual program and route, we recommend that you take a look at our author’s Travel Guide “Loire Valley and Castles”, see the menu item above. Particular attention should be paid to the historical and military museums, tasting rooms, cellars of wine, liquor and “champagne” * available in this region. In our experience, a visit to the techno amusement park “Machines of the Isle of Nantes” requires a separate day. A great option to see all the best is a trip to the Loire for 2-3 days, that is, with an overnight stay. For this purpose, it is better to book 1-2 nights in a hotel in this region, and not in Paris. We are not only good at playing cards, as Taxi Drivers are supposed to 🙂, but we also know how to read them and understand topographic maps. The Loire is our land, we have explored it more than once with our feet, boots, car wheels, mechanical elephant hooves and even tank tracks. According to your initial information (goals, crew composition and number of days), we are always ready to plot a route on the map and report to you “Plan A” and “Plan B” to choose from. In the presence of “boy scouts” we make a special game and development program. Veterans of the army and police – “Plan B”.

The Loire Valley Castles are magnificent palaces rebuilt during the Renaissance, when French kings lived on the banks of this great river in the 15th and 16th centuries. Most of these structures were built in the Middle Ages and still retain the architecture of the corresponding period. More than 42 are open for viewing. Most are depicted on postcards of the same name series, engravings and maps. They include the world’s best collections of paintings, decorative arts, furniture, household items and many interesting artifacts, knights’ armor and antique weapons.

Private Loire Valley tours from Paris by a car, Angers City & Castle

Loire Valley, Angers castle tour guide and tips

Winemaking is also a hallmark of the region. Who ever went here once, he comes again and again. Tasting rooms, cellars and vineyards, ancient cities and even an underground fortress make this area a favorite for tourists to visit every time on a new route, with new Chateaux and new Caves. Our Military Historical Club and the Union of Taxi Drivers have developed individual classic and unusual tours by car or minibus for those who have not been here yet, as well as for those who have already been here several times and want to see new interesting places or improve their level. knowledge of history, art, their professional subjects, as well as just to relax and unwind with friends or family. Without exception, all our tours take place in a warm, friendly club atmosphere with exclusive opportunities, and VIP service also includes executive class cars such as Mercedes V, which, according to the “protocol”, are not supposed to drive budget Renaults and Volkswagens.

Loire Valley Castles private tours from Paris to Breze

Winery cellars in Breze

The Loire Valley castles occupies a large area of ​​France, but the most popular area for tourists is the area from Blois to St-Nazaire. There are more than a hundred beautiful castles here. Forty-two of them are recognized as the most frequently visited. It is impossible to visit even a small fraction of this list in one day, especially if you look inside some of them. The experts of our club and the drivers of the “Russian taxi” have developed many typical and individual routes in this region (see extended and combined, the entire list). Many who come to France every year order a new route and inspect new castles. According to the experience and feedback of tourists for those who visit this area for the first time, we offer a “classic”, worked out over the years tour, designed for one day with a visit to three castles, two of which are viewed from the inside with a guide, several ancient towns along the route and of course one of tasting rooms. Once again, I would like to remind you the advantage of individual tours: you can admire and take photo pictures from such positions with a beautiful angle that are not available during group bus tours. You can also stop along the route in any beautiful place you like, while the driver and guide perfectly understand and welcome this. In group tours, this is not included in the program and is strictly prohibited by internal instructions. And you can always adjust the route yourself at any time and agree with the driver.
After looking at our author’s Guide to all the castles, museums and sights of the Loire, having received information about some interesting objects, you can make an approximate trip program yourself or use the classic options:

Sightseeing tours from Paris or the airport with an English speaking guide

Route N 1. “Three castles in one day” – a classic sightseeing tour, starts at 9-10 am, after breakfast at the hotel or at a time convenient for you. The main facilities are located 200 km. from the capital, which by the standards of France is another part of the country 🙂 As a rule, this distance is covered in a couple of hours, and the road passes not only through the suburbs of the capital, but also through Orleans. If the day before the tourists “sat well” in a restaurant, then you can sleep for a couple of hours. And so the guide briefly talks about the formation of the Loire Valley and its role in the history of the state. Once upon a time, 10,000 years ago, the river flowed in completely different places and even merged with the Seine. Then the tectonics changed, the channel changed radically in direction, and the river left behind fertile silty soils (“allelual”). Once Honore de Balzac traveled around these parts and for some reason compared the area with Ukraine. He must have been impressed by the vast expanses. Orleans, which you pass on the road, also has an interesting and great history. Founded once by the Romans, and then in it the French kings fled from the Viking raids and Orleans almost became the capital of France. The Romans built aqueducts almost 15 km long here. In the Middle Ages, Orleans became the “capital of vinegar”, especially apple. Vinegar was an important ingredient for cosmetics and products, which brought a good profit. The city is also famous for its wars. In 1420-1422, Paris was occupied by the British, and there were islands of resistance in Orleans. These places are also connected with Jeanne D’Arc.
Chambord castle. Chateau de Chambord. It was founded by order of King Francis I, who wanted to be closer to his beloved lady of the heart, Countess Turi, who lived in these places. Construction was carried out between 1519 and 1547. and became one of the largest construction projects of the Renaissance. The castle has a long and interesting history (see Château de Chambord), but all over the world it is famous as … a place of royal hunting and a forested area. Inside, repair and restoration work is constantly going on and the infrastructure is improving, but the recommended program includes an external inspection and a short walk through the surrounding flower beds and old water canals.

Royal Castle of Amboise. Chateau d’Amboise. The three-storey fortress with cyclopean towers began to be built in 1442. The kings of France and the great artist Leonardo da Vinci lived here. Inside there is a large collection of paintings, antique furniture, and various artifacts. The guided tour inside the halls is made with a guide and it is suggested to visit the gardens on the terraces of the park. During the group tour, all the rooms slip through very quickly, and visiting the gardens and terraces with different views of the surroundings is not included in the program at all. There are many magnificent viewing platforms along the perimeter, from where you can take excellent photos from a bird’s eye view of the Loire and the town. You can have a tasty meal in restaurants and cafes, and then take a walk around the castle and along the embankment. There are many original shops with souvenirs and gifts on the adjacent street. It is possible to visit the suburb of Clos Luce (Le Clos Luce), where the brilliant inventor Leonardo da Vinci lived.

Royal Château de Chenonceau or “Castle of the Ladies”

Wine tasting of the Loire Valley in cellar. The classic program of the tour from Paris “3 castles in 1 day” usually includes a visit to one Loire Valley winery with a tasting of various types and varieties of wine. After the tasting, you can buy a few bottles of the variety that you like to take with you on the road or as a gift to your friends.

WW1-WW2 Battlefields and military museums in Loire Valley tours

Visiting the world’s best military museums in the Loire Valley – tank in Saumur, military engineers in Angers and others. In the program of your trip we also include 1-3 castles that are directly related to the First and Second World War. In this case, the visit to the castle will be shorter, overview.

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