Best Private Tours in Paris

Based on more than twenty-five years of personal experience, our multinational team (developers + experts) have compiled a list of the most popular excursions, based more on independent or individual trips by car, public transport 🙂, with “our” guide, with local French guides or even on your own according to the historical and tourist information we have about certain objects. Some of them are our “author’s tours”, which we also included in the lists below. The developers and authors of the guidebook and reference book are well-known historians, authors of books and members of the Society of Friends of the Military Historical Museums of France. Even our site is not only a Guide to Paris and France, but also an author’s guide to the country’s main museums based on our own archival materials and collections. Note. All our phone numbers in France are available on WhatsApp and Viber. Call France like at home.

Best private tours in Paris with guide

Boat trip at the beginning of the 20th century

The real private tours in Paris in English.
Recently, travel “companies” have begun to appear, offering “individual” tours at prices slightly lower than those given below, with advertisements like “… cheap from 100 Euros”. Realistically, no matter how they are called, “micro-groups” or “mini-groups”, they are all ordinary group tours with all their “charms”, namely:
– the inability to adjust the program to the time or route that is most interesting and suitable for you and your companion (friends), even if the guide tells you about interesting places, you will not be able to visit them, since the program is group and fixed, you will not be able to tell the driver either make a stop for taking pictures from an interesting angle or have a bite to eat in a restaurant you like (relevant for Champagne, Normandy and Loire)
– You will not be picked up at the hotel and delivered (especially after the “tasting rooms” in the castles of the Loire, Champagne or Normandy) back to the hotel 🙂
– judging by personal experience (tested more than once), the group will definitely come across at least one tourist who will cough and sneeze all the way, infecting everyone with seasonally fashionable strains of type A or H1N1 influenza viruses and subsequent novelties 🙁 , what can spoil your vacation, especially in autumn and winter.
We offer the most real individual excursions, when you go only with your friends and relatives, you choose the best program and route in advance or in the process of communicating with the guide on the road in the “on-line” mode. Full adaptation and interactive. Many tours are our own, which are done only by us or sightseeing tours, but with visits to unusual interesting objects. The following is a partial list of suggested options that have been in demand for many years:

Best private tours in Paris with English guide

Private tour around Paris, by a car with different topics, different duration for all categories of the adults and children. 4 hours program, 3 hours program, etc. Several levels – for those who are in Paris for the first time, for those who have already been and even for those who already know the city well. Budget option “express” price from 150 Euros for 3-4 people.

The main attractions in the evening + boulevards and the best restaurants. Such an excursion is especially effective for the New Year and Christmas. The whole city is glowing, sparkling and flashing, not just the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-ElysĂ©es with its boulevards
 The Paris night tour is a recommended 2.5 hour program with visits to all the festivities, from the boulevards to the red light district, beautiful views of the city at night and Eiffel Tower from unusual and “classic” places, with or without a guide.
– “Masterpieces of the Louvre” (2 hours) – excursion with a historical guide to the Louvre, sightseeing or thematic at will. MusĂ©e d’Orsay with an art guide.

– Boat cruise on the Seine (“BATEAUX PARISIENS”)
– “Menagerie” Zoo of the Botanical Garden – on your own or with a guide-driver-interpreter. Call, price is negotiable..
– Paris Zoo (Bois de Vincennes) – self-guided or by car with a driver-guide of the “Union of Taxi Drivers in Paris”, call.

Best private guided tours from Paris by car:

Versailles – the residence of the Kings: the palace complex, the Grand and Small Trianon, collections, artifacts, luxury and gold, fountains and gardens, the residence of the Kings Endless queues, but not for everyone. City Guide.

1) sightseeing for one day along the route: Compiegne – Reims – Notre Dame Cathedral and the place of the coronation of the kings of France, as well as a large car museum + “something else” see below. Before ordering a tour, in order to better choose a program and route, we advise you to look at our guides: Compiegne, Reims, etc.
Pierrefonds Castle is also included in the Champagne program.

2) WW1 battlefield routes program

Loire Valley castles and other attractions – from the Underworld fortress to the US tanks of Indochina, “ancestral heritage” in French: royal castles, collections of artifacts, underground fortresses and winemaking, tasting rooms, history from the Hundred Years War to German occupation. Individual routes through different areas and visits to cultural heritage sites of your choice. Combined tours.

Loire Valley Castles map

Loire Valley Castles map -Chateaux, Wine cellars, best Museums & Cities

* “3 castles in one day”- a classic sightseeing program for those who travel to this region for the first time. The royal castle of Amboise, the “castle of the ladies” of Chenonceau, Blois and Chambord are the most famous and visited + tasting rooms, wineries and wine cellars.

Normandy sightseeing and WW2 battlefield private tours from Paris

Normandy sightseeing and WW2 battlefield private tours from Paris

WW2 – WW1 battlefield private tours from Paris

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