Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Charles de Gaulle Roissy airport is the “youngest” airport in Paris compared to Orly or Le Bourget and is constantly evolving. Opened on March 8, 1974, on the day of the International Struggle of Revolutionary Women for Their Rights named after Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxembourg 🙂

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport transfer to hotel

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, transfer to hotel or rent a car with driver

Guide and the map of the terminals
The airport includes several terminals and stations for the RER trains (Aéroport Charles-de Gaulle 1″ and Aéroport Charles-de Gaulle 2-TGV”) and the SNCF “Grandes Lignes” long-distance train station, as well as car parks and hotels. You can see where everything is on this map – diagram.

Flights operate through three main terminals:
– 1 domestic flights and flights to neighboring countries;
— 2 consists of six buildings: 2A, 2B, 2D…, 2E. They are used by the country’s airline Air France and for all other international air travel.
– 3 is engaged in sending and receiving budget and charter flights.

This is what the airfield and Charles de Gaulle airport looked like fifteen years ago. During this time, it has actually doubled in size, acquired new buildings and comfortable waiting rooms. Previously, after passing through passport control and boarding in the event of a flight delay (and the writer of these lines was sitting here at that time for about fifteen hours due to weather conditions), one had to sit almost on the floor with almost no buffets and other infrastructure in this area. Now new modern terminals have been built and all landing lounges (!) Are equipped with a sufficient number of places for rest and cafes with snack bars. Waiting for the flight takes place in comfortable conditions.
In a complex system of location and internal transfer between terminals, signs and diagrams help. But when something is not clear, you can ask an airport employee or security guard who will tell you exactly where to go. After the introduction of an independent check-in system at the airport, it is sometimes difficult to figure out some points, but the staff will always help.

Departure and arrival board
The large one is located in the SNCF station building. Smaller ones are present in each terminal in several places. There is also an on-line (on-line) arrivals board on the official website of the airport.

Already in the landing waiting area there are inexpensive cafes and eateries where you can have an inexpensive snack, drink a glass of French wine and connect to the free Internet. Here is a photo of popular terminals and waiting areas.

Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 1

The very first terminal with an original puck shape and a post-war design of such French constructivism. Already now the complex is a historical landmark and a monument of engineering thought of an entire era. Previously, only the highway leading to Paris adjoined it, and now there is a railway connection with other terminals, the Charles de Gaulle Val system, see below. The authors of this guide perfectly remember this two-level “puck” and Aeroflot flights in the 90s. Now, with nostalgia, it’s nice to make a “lap of honor” inside, to remember the exits to the bus to the Opera Garnier or guides with signs in their hands, meeting tourists from the former USSR. This terminal still receives domestic and international flights of the world’s leading companies and is the main port of the country. In the diagram above, it is located in the upper left corner and is marked in red. The departure level has several halls (Halle) with check-in desks and boarding gates (Gates). And, of course, a large number of shops where you can buy gifts for friends in memory of France.

See the continuation of the photo gallery at the end of the airport guide page in the “Virtual tour of terminal 1” section. Where is it located, how to get to the center. Taxi, bus and transfer to Disneyland. Smoking areas.

Charles de Gaulle airport terminal 2A
If you walk from the building of the TGV and RER railway station, it is located after building 2C in the farthest corner 🙁 On the map, airport plan, it is located in the lower corner on the left side. Judging by personal experience and photographs, the flow of passengers through it is clearly inferior to building 2C.

Housing 2B
Indicated on the map – airport diagram as equivalent to others, as of January 2020, this building was closed. Either preparation for opening in the “high tourist season”, or used as a cargo for transport purposes.

Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2C
New and spacious building. Check-in counters are located in several sections separated from each other by short passages. Excellent waiting room. Cafes and fast food restaurants. Registration “Tax free”. Representation of airlines and a lot of useful things.

Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2D
Located symmetrically to building 2C, it is like a “twin” of it, located across the freeway and parking lot, at the same distance from the TGV station. The transition between C and D is somehow not quite consistent with the style of communications in other areas, some gateways and concrete floors. See below at the end of the guide page for a short “tour” of the area. The transition from D to the station is quite modern and beautiful, with glass corridors and horizontal conveyors.

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