Best museums in Paris & France

Best museums in Paris & France guide book. In fact, the whole of country is a large historical museum with its ancient castles, houses, basilicas, monuments and memorials. But in this section, based on personal experience for 25 years, and for some interesting museums for 75 and even 100 years (see descriptions and sections made by emigrants who fled from criminal power in Russia after 1917, when the officers and generals of the First World War became the ordinary Paris taxi drivers), we have compiled a catalog of the most interesting museums. We are constantly updating this list and its contents, including archival photographs and documents.
The best “classic” museums in France
Louvre in Paris. The largest collection of artifacts from around the world
Orsay (Musee d’Orsay). The Paintings and  “Opera” scale model
Orangerie, Art Gallery in the Tuileries Garden
Versailles Palace, Petit Trianon, parks and stables
Claude Monet’s Garden and House in Giverny, the Impressionist Museum
– Whole list of best museums

Nevertheless, I would like to single out some local history and military history museums in France, which are most interesting to fans of military history from the United States, Canada and Australia, especially on the topic of the First and Second World Wars. In addition to state museums, we also include here virtual, that is, regimental museums of veteran military organizations of the Russian Imperial Army in France, which once were here, but for various reasons ceased to exist.

The best military, historical and technical museums:
Army Museum in Paris, Les Invalides (Russian section, exhibitions)
Tank Museum in Saumur (Loire), one of the best world museums of armored vehicles
– Tank Museum in Normandy – Airfield A10 – D-Day armored vehicles
– National Naval Museum of France in Toulon
– Mount Faron, memorial to the Allied landings in Provence
Great War Museum in Meaux (First World War), Meaux city
Armistice, the Glade of the Truce memorial and RR carriage in Compiegne
– Museum of the Life Guards Cossack Regiment (Courbevoie) near Paris
Air and Space Le Bourget, Aviation and Cosmonautics (Paris)
– Museum of Naval Aviation of the Navy in Rochefort
– Museum of the Order of the Legion of Honor (Paris), history and Russian cavaliers
– National Museum of the Resistance – French partisans and underground fighters (“Death to the fascist occupiers” in French)
– Prefectures of Police. High-profile crimes and bandits’ weapons
– Cavalry Museum (Saumur)
– Engineering Troops (Angers) at the School of Military Engineers
– “Fort de la Pompelle” fortress (Reims, World War I and Russian brigades in France)
Automobile Museum Reims Champagne. Cars, motorcycles and a special exhibition dedicated to the First World War
– “Verdun Citadel“, the Underground Fortress of WW1 battle.
– “Fortress (Fort) Douaumont” (Verdun WW1 battlefield)
– Military Museum de l’Abri de Hatten (Maginot Line, Alsace-Lorraine)
– Museum of the Foreign Legion (Aubagne) and Museum of Military Uniforms (Puyloubier)
– “Fort Bastille” (Grenoble, French Alps)
– Museum of the History of Normandy (Caen Fortress)
Omaha Beach, Normandy WW2 D-Day Landing Museum Memorial
– “Traditions of the House of Champagne de Castellane”  in Epernay
– Wine Museum in Paris
– Museum of fine ironwork (Rouen, Normandy). From keys to antique weapons
– Blockhouse, air defense bunker and a collection of artifacts of the Second World War (Honfleur)
– Maritime, ethnographic and folk craft (Honfleur, Normandy)
– “Association of Guilds of Merchants and Artisans” (Musée du Compagnonnage), Tours, Loire Valley

Loire Valley Castles (Chateaux), check on the map:

– Amboise, Blois, Chenonceaux, Chambord, Angers etc

Fortifications in France, ex. colonie and Belgium:

– Check also above Verdun area (Citadel, Douaumont etc.)

Forts in France and Belgium

Museums that existed in France before (virtual museums):

– Museum in the House of the White Anti-Communist Warrior (Paris-Nice)
— Museum of the Life-Ataman Regiment
— Museum of the Russian Cavalry
– Museum of the Society of former graduates of the Nikolaev Cavalry School
— Museum of the Life Guards of the Kexholm Regiment
– Museums at the ROVS and the Gallipoli Society in France in the 20-30s.
– “Native Corps” – Cadet Museum

to be continued…

WW1 – WW2 battlefields & museums Guide

Historical events presented in the museums of Paris and France:

* Middle Ages. Battles for the island of Corsica

* The French Revolution – Army Museum
* “The Capture of Paris in 1814”, the Museum of the Army in Les Invalides, the Museum of the Life Guards of the Cossack Regiment in Courbevoie and in Brussels
* Cossacks in Paris in 1814 – the Museum of the Army in Les Invalides, the Museum of the Life Guards Cossack Regiment in Courbevoie and the Royal Museum in Brussels
* “Flight of the Eagle” or 100 days of Napoleon in 1815. – Army Museum (Invalides)
* Russian-French Union – Museum of the Navy in Toulon
– World War I, Western Front. Museum of the 1st World War in Meaux, Army Museum, Citadel Fortress (Verdun)
* World War I Western Front battlefields, photos etc.
* Camp de Mailly, tank range, training center for Russian special brigades
* The hero city of Ypres and the gas attacks of the Germans
* The first tank battle on the Somme – the tank museum of Saumur (Loire), a museum in Meaux
* Tank battle at Cambrai (World War I) – too
* Russian Expeditionary Force in France (Russian brigades and legion of honor)
* The First World War, brief results, too
* Cars in France, fragments of history and companies. Automobile Museum in Reims (Champagne)
* The path of the Cossack from Lemnos to Paris – Museum of the Life Guards Cossack Regiment
* Tunisia is a colony of France and Russian Bizerte. Museum of the Navy in Toulon
* ROVS against OGPU-NKVD
* World War II – Defense of France – Saumur Tank Museum, Army Museum
* Liberation of France, 1944 -1945, the main battlefields – same ones
* Maginot Line
* Atlantic Wall (system of fortifications of the German occupation forces)
* D-Day Normandy – Museums in Normandy, Squadron “Normandie-Niemen”
* Eastern battalions, Cossacks and Hi-Wi’s in France – museums in Normandy
* Resistance movement and partisans
* Order of the Legion of Honor, – Museum of the Order of the Legion of Honor

* Cold War Virtual Museum & Tour Guide, USSR, Soviet Army & KGB: Teteryadchenko,

* Soviet Army uniform (Cold War era 1946-1991)