WW1 Verdun Battlefield Private Tours from Paris

World War 1 Verdun battlefield private tours from Paris by a car with guide directly or through Champagne best WW1 museums and famous forts.

Verdun WW1 battlefields, memorial Douaumont tour guide

Douaumont cemetery memorial on the post card (author collection)

Verdun, the main attractions of the city
The classic program of the visiting the city includes most of the objects listed below. At will, at any time, you can reduce or supplement what to see. You will see in the city itself:
– Fortress Verdun “Citadel” – WW1 Museum
– Victory Monument – a memorial to the battle for Verdun
– Gate and highway tower, the beautiful fortification
– Monument “Children of Verdun”
– St. Paul’s Gate – “triumphal arch” of Verdun
– Princerie – Museum of sculpture and art of the XIV century
– Center for Peace – Bishop’s Palace XV-XVIII centuries and a multimedia exhibition on the First World War.
– Cathedral of Our Lady (Notre Dame)
-Port Ch√Ętel – another entrance gate to Verdun
– “Crossroads of the Marshals” – a memorial complex of the heroes of the First World War.
If you are traveling with children, then you can stop by the old Braquier Dragee confectionery factory – a shop and a mini-museum. All the sights of the city of Verdun on the city map with a description, hotels, restaurants you can see in our directory:

Verdun battlefield tour: World War I forts, memorials, museums.

You can come to these places many times and discover new and interesting museums, trenches, monuments. For the initial acquaintance, we offer only the best, in the vicinity of the fortress. “Red Zone” – the immediate vicinity of Verdun – the main attractions:
– Douaumont War Memorial and WWI War Cemetery
– Fort de Vaux – artillery casemates and fortified area
– Fort Douaumont – Museum of the First World War
– Memorial “Trenches of bayonets of the 137th Infantry Regiment of the French Army”
– Monument to the Muslim soldiers of the army of France
– all memorials and memorable places in the vicinity of Verdun, map
– virtual tour of the battlefields in Russian
– Tourist map of the Verdun fortress – fortified area and forts

Fort Douaumont museum Verdun WW1 battlefields

Fort Douaumont museum Verdun WW1 battlefields

WW1 battlefield Private Verdun tours from Paris by a Car

Private Verdun tours from Paris by a Car trough Champagne WW1 battlefield and museum

Private Verdun battlefield tours from Paris bu a car prices.