Best private Champagne Tours from Paris by a car

Private Champagne Tours from Paris to – Compiegne – Reims, Epernay, Troyes
After you have looked through our short Guide to Champagne to develop your individual excursion program in accordance with the interests of you and your companions (wife, children, girlfriends, parents or colleagues, age or health), we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the classic “basic” below route options that have been tested for years, even decades (some routes, such as Epernay, are generally more than a hundred years old). Having looked at examples of a one-day sightseeing or military-historical WW1 excursion, you can draw up an approximate trip plan, and we will already draw up several tour options depending on the composition of your team, category, age and, first of all, the interests of all or each member of your team.

Sightseeing classic private tour from Paris for one day
The program includes: Compiègne Castle with a guide, a guided car tour of Reims and its famous Cathedral with a Palace, magnificent Troyes + something extra if you wish, choosing in advance or during the trip itself, depending on the time spent on the objects. Well, in fact, i.e.

Compiegne, the legendary city. Beautiful and ancient, but known to the whole world as the place where the First World War ended. Located next to the castle of Pierrefonds. The Château de Compiègne is a royal palace built for Louis XV and restored by Napoleon. Compiègne was one of three official residence of French government, same like Versailles and Fontainebleau.

World War One battlefields tour program does include: museum, memorials and the Glade of the Armistice in the Forest of Compiègne. During the Second World War, the leadership of Nazi Germany used the same restaurant car to sign the surrender of France. Even Adolf Hitler himself visited this place for the tourist (and of course propaganda) purposes.The dining car, where the Armistice Agreement was signed, also houses a large collection of artifacts from the First World War – uniforms, weapons, military items, flags and documents. There is an outdoor exposition of military equipment and weapons of the First World War – a Renault FT-17 tank, the artillery and more.

Compiègne has so many attractions, including a palace in the city and a castle in the surrounding area, that you can spend the whole day exploring it. For lovers of military history, a trip to Compiègne can be combined with a tour of the Museum of the Great War in Meaux.

Reims city sightseeing walking & car tour.
Place Royale and the Statue of Louis XV – the historic center of the city, Reims Cathedral.

WW1 – WW2 battlefields tour program includes: Automobile Museum. Nice and largest World War One / Two cars collection.

Epernay and Champagne Houses cellars, museums and tastings

In a sightseeing tour from Paris to Champagne for one day, time allows you to visit only one choice of the House of Champagne with cellars, a museum and a tasting. If you want an extended tour of 2 or more Houses of Champagne, then it takes all day, but you can also visit Reims with its Cathedral and Palace.

Troyes (optional). An ancient beautiful city with magnificent architecture. Troyes is the “historic capital” of Champagne. A Champagne guided trip is also included in the  local sightseeing city tours.

A sightseeing tour from Paris or Charles de Gaulle Airport (or Disneyland) pairs perfectly with a trip to Verdun Citadel to the WW1 battlefields. In the city of Troyes, you can spend the night (as the end point of the trip to Champagne), and the next day go to Verdun. Save you money and the time!