Kubinka Tank Museum Collection Guide

Official catalog of exhibits of the Kubinka Tank Museum, prepared in 1993 by NIII-38 veterans and museum staff, with additions and corrections 1994-2014.

Hangar N 1 – Soviet heavy tanks and Assault guns list

(Copyright Mikhail Blinov).
N – Mark ———— Object ——– Year of manufacture ——– Name —- type of production

  1. Т-35, –, 1933, heavy tank, serial
  2.  SU-14-2, –, 1939, self-propelled gun, single sample (see page T-35 tank above)
  3. SU-100u, –, 1939, self-propelled gun, single sample
  4. KV-85, –, 1943, heavy tank based on KV-1S, serial (? prototype G Object 285)
  5. SU-152, –, 1943, self-propelled gun, serial
  6. IS-2М, 240М, 1943, heavy tank, serial
  7. ISU-130,  249 250 , 1944, self-propelled gun, single sample
  8. IS-3, 703, 1945, heavy tank, serial
  9. ISU-152, 704, 1945, self-propelled gun, single sample
  10. IS-4, 701, 1947, heavy tank, serial
  11. IS-7, 260, 1948, heavy tank, single sample
  12. Т-10, 730, 1950, heavy tank, serial
  13. ISU-152K, (ob. 241), 1943/56, assault gun, serial
  14. Т-10М, 734, 1957, heavy tank, serial
  15. ISU-152М, 241М, 1943/59, assault gun, serial
  16. –, 266, 1957, heavy tank on T-10 base, single sample
  17. SU-152, 268, 1956, assault gun T-10 base, single sample
  18. –, 277, 1957, heavy tank, single sample
  19. –, 279, 1957, heavy tank, single sample
  20. –, 770, 1957, heavy tank, single sample
  21. –, SU-100, (SU-100М) 416, 1952, assault gun (covered), single sample
  22. SU-100p, 105, 1949, assault gun, single sample
  23. BTR, 112, 1949, tracked armored carrier, single sample
  24. SU-152g, 108, 1949, assault gun, single sample
  25. SU-152p, 116, 1949, assault gun, single sample
  26. SU-152, 120, 1965, assault gun (covered), single sample
  27. SG-152, 2S3 “Acacia” (locust tree), 1969, self-propelled howitzer, serial
  28. SU-152, 2S5 “Hyacinth” (jacinth), 1974, assault gun, serial
  29. IS-3М, 703М, 1957/60, heavy tank (outside on the monument), serial

The equipment of pavilion N1, not included in the catalog:

  • Self-propelled searchlight SPU on heavy chassis
  • Mobile command and observation point of artillery 1V15
  • 240 mm. mortar (mine-thrower) 2S4 “Tulip”

* – there are some inaccuracies in the Catalog, corrections and clarifications in the possibility are also given

Hangar N 2 – Soviet Medium Tanks and Assault Guns exhibit list

the official catalog of the museum of BTWT (**) of Pavilion N2 “Soviet medium tanks and self-propelled units” (Copyright Mikhail Blinov, please do the link if referred).
N – Brand —- Object — Year of manufacture — Designation – type of production
1. Т-34                                       1940,        medium tank, serial, (open area)
2. Т-34-85  (in hall)                    1943          medium tank, serial
3.  SU-100                                 1944  Assault Gun (covered) on T-34 base serial
4. SU-122                                   1942 Assault Gun (covered) on T-34 base serial
5. Т-44                                        1944      medium tank, serial
6. SU-101                                  1944 Assault gun (covered) on T-34, single sample
7. Т-54 (М1946)             137     1947   medium tank, serial  (?)
8. Т-54              137                  1949               ***
9. Т-54А            137                   1955              ***
10.  SU-122                                1949  Assault gun on T-54 chassis serial
11. ZSU-57-2                                   1950               anti aircraft   ***
12.  Т-55               155                    1955            medium tank, serial
13.  Т-55АМ                                    1982            medium tank, small series
14. Т-55 flamethrower 483              1959 The flamethrower on the T-55, single sample
15. ТО-55  (ОТ-55) 482                     1957       The flamethrower, serial
16.   Т-62               166                     1960     medium tank       ***
17.  Object 167   167                         1961     medium tank, single sample
18. Т-55АD                                       1983     medium tank, small series
19. IT-1                150                        1968    tank destroyer T-62 serial
20.                          432                      1960       medium tank, small series
21.   Т-64               432                      1960 (?)         ***
22.   Т-64               434                       1967        main battle tank, serial
23.   Т-64А            446                       1969      main battle tank, serial
24.        Object  775                           1962     rocket tank on T-64  single sample
25.          Object 287                           1962   rocket tank on T-64  single sample
26.         Object  288                            1963  control post on T-64 single sample
27.         Object  172                               1970  main battle tank, small series
28.         Object 172-2М                         1974  same
29.  Т-72             172М-1                      1975  main battle tank, serial
30.  Т-80               219                            1976   same                          ***
31.  Т-80BV           219АС                      1985  ***
32.  Т-54А             137                         1955  medium tank, serial (outdoor, monument) ?
33.  Т-34-85               1944  medium tank, serial  (outdoor, monument near pavilion N3))
Addition exhibits:
Т-34  1943 (?)        found on WW2 battlefields in Pskov region
Т-34-85 from “Dmitry Donskoy” column, monument in outdoor exhibition

In this Pavilion N2 there are also additionally (not included in this catalogue):

  • T34 V-2 engine  as the separate exhibit
  • Soviet (Russian) tank / BMP/ Assault Gun / BTR ammunition: shells, rounds
  • T-34 tank wheels, modifications

*this catalogue was made in the Soviet era (the museum exhibits since 1972 till 2014) and will be added and changed… Any notes are welcome

Hangar N 3 – Soviet light tanks, self-propelled units, landing vehicles and BTR-D

N – Brand —- Object — Year of manufacture — Designation – type of production

  1. Т-27,  — , 1931, tankette,  serial
  2. T-26,  — , 1932, light two-turret tank, serial
  3. T-26,  —-  ,      , light tank, serial
  4. OT-130, — , 1938, flamethrower tank, serial
  5. BT-5,  —- , 1933, wheeled tracked tank, serial
  6. T-37A, —  , 1933, amphibious tank, serial
  7. T-30,  —  , 1940, light tank, small serie
  8. T-40, —  , 1940, amphibious, serial
  9. T-126,  —  , 1940, light tank,  single sample
  10. Т-50,   —  , 1940, light tank, small serie
  11. T-60,  —  , 1941, light tank, serial
  12. T-70,  —  , 1942, light tank, serial
  13. ZSU-37,  —  , 1944, anti aircraft gun, serial
  14. SU-76,  —  , 1943, assault gun, serial
  15. T-80,  —  , 1943, light tank, small serie
  16. K-75,  —  , 1947, tracked armored carrier, one sample
  17. K-78,  —  , 1950, tracked amphibious armored carrier, one sample
  18. K-90,  —  , 1950, light amphibious tank, single sample
  19. PT-76, Object 740B, 1951, light amphibious tank, serial
  20. ZPTU-2, Object 750, 1955, anti aircraft on the base BTR-50P, small serie
  21. ZPTU-4, Object 750, 1959, anti aircraft assault gun on BTR-50P, small serie
  22. BTR-50PK, Object 750PK, 1957, amphibious tracked armored carrier, serial
  23. BTR-50PN, Object 750 (905),1960, commander carrier, serial
  24. PT-76M, Object 907, 1960, light amphibious tank, single sample
  25. PT-85, Object 906, 1963, light amphibious tank, one sample
  26. -, Object 685, 1976, light amphibious airborne tank, one sample
  27. -, Object 934, 1975, light amphibious airborne tank, one sample
  28. -, Object 940, 1976, commander carrier, one sample
  29. ASU-76, Object 570, 1949, airborne assault gun, single sample
  30. ASU-57P, Object К-73, 1949 (?), amphibious assault gun, one sample
  31. ASU-57, Object 572, 1951, light airborne assault gun, serial
  32. ASU-57P, Object 574, 1954, amphibious airborne assault gun, single sample
  33. SU-85, Object 573, 1956, light AG, serial
  34. BMD-1, Object  915, 1969, fighting paratrooper vehicle, serial
  35. BTR-D, Object  925, 1974, paratrooper armored carrier, serial
  36. BREM-D, —  , 1984, armored recovery vehicle, serial
  37. BMD-2, Object 916К, 1986, combat paratrooper vehicle, serial
  38. BMD-3, Object 950, 1986, same
  39. BT-2,  —  , 1931, wheeled / tracked tank (on monument outside), serial

* – there are some inaccuracies in the Catalog, corrections and clarifications in the possibility are also given
** – from January 2012 – “Central Museum of Armored Weapons and Equipment”
*** – this official catalog includes all the samples of the 3 pavilions that were in it since the museum was founded (1972) until its “reorganization” (2014). At the moment, most of the rare pre-war equipment in the pavilion is missing. The right half of the pavilion is occupied by a playing field for fans to play in controlled models of tanks.

Hangar N4 Soviet Armored Cars, Carriers list

N –  Model  –         Object –     Year of Issue –   Name –  Factory Type – comments

1. BA-27, 1931, armored car, serial
2. BA-3, 1934, armored car, serial
3. PB-4, 1935, amphibious armored car, small series
4. BA-6, 1935, armored car, serial
5. BA-21, 1939,  light armored car, the one sample
6. KSP-76, 1944, rolled self-propelled gun, the one sample
7. BTR-152, 1950,  armored carrier, serial
8. ZPTU-2 on BTR-152, 1950, anti-aircraft gun on the BTR-152A base, serial
9. ZPTU-4 on BTR-152, 1955, anti-aircraft gun on the BTR-152 base, the small series
10. BTR-152V, 1955, armored carrier, serial
11. BTR-152V1, 1957, armored carrier, serial
12. BTR-152K, 1959, armored carrier, serial
13. ZIL-153, 1959, infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample
14.BTR-40, 1950, armored personnel carrier, serial
15. ZPTU-2 on BTR-40A, 1950, anti-aircraft gun ZTPU-2 on the BTR-40A base, serial
16. BTR-40A, 1969, Rail road armored carrier, small series
17. BTR-40B, 1957, armored carrier (armor covered), serial
18. БТР-40В, 1956, armored carrier, the small series
19. BRDM-1, 1957, BRDM – amphibious Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle, serial
20. BRDM-2, 1962, BRDM – amphibious Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle, serial
21. BTR-60P, BTR amphibious armored carrier, serial
22. BTR-60PA, 1963, BTR amphibious armored carrier, serial
23. BTR -60 PB (-50P,) 1965, BTR – amphibious armored carrier, serial
24. GAZ-50, 1971, BTR infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample
25. BTR-60PZ, 1974,  BTR – armored carrier, the small series
26. BTR-70, 1972, BTR- armored carrier, serial
27. BTR-80, 1984, BTR- armored carrier, serial
28. BREM, 1988, BREM – armored repair and recovery vehicle, serial
29. BMP, Object 1200, 1964, experimental infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample
30. БМП, Object 19, 1965, BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample serial (?)
31. BMP, Object 911, 1964, experimental BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample
32. BMP, Object 914, 1966, BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample
33. BMP-1, Object 765, 1981,  BMP  infantry fighting vehicle, serial
34. BMP-1K, Object 773, 1971, Commander infantry fighting vehicle, serial
35. BMP-1KSh, Object 774, 1972, Command-staff infantry fighting vehicle, serial
36. BMP-2, Object 769, 1974, BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample
37. BMP-1G, Object 681, 1977, experimental infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample
38. BREM-2, 1982, armored repair and recovery vehicle on BMP-1 base, serial
39. BMP-2, Object 680, 1972, BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample
40. BMP-2D, Object 675, 1981, BMP-2D infantry fighting vehicle, serial
41. — , Object  688, 1981, BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample
42. BMP-3, Object 609, 1989, BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle, serial

out of catalogue (received later)
BMP, Object  768, 1972, BMP infantry fighting vehicle, the one sample
BTR-80 – armored carrier, serial

Hangar N5 British / USA / Canada vehicles list

N — Model ———— Object———Year of Issue———Class—-Factory Type

Great Britain (UK)

1. tank  Mk V                                         1917     middle tank         serial
2.  “Vickers-Carden-Loyd”                   1931  light amphibious          ? bought in 1931
3. “Vickers-Armstrong ”                       1937  light tank
4.  Mk VII “Tetrarch” (А17Е2)             1938   ***
5.   Mk IIa “Matilda III” (?Мк III C.S. “Matilda”) 1940    infantry tank
6.  Mk III “Valentine II”                        1940    infantry tank
7. “Valentine – Scissors”                    1941   bridge-laying machine
8.  Mk VII “Churchill-Crocodile”         1943    flamethrower tank
9. “Wasp Mk II”                                    1944      flamethrower tankette  Universal Carrier
10.  Mk VIII “Cromwell  IV” (А27М)   1943     cruiser tank
11.   “Comet Комета” (А-34)            1944     cruiser tank
12.  Mk3  “Centurion”                       1948        medium tank
13.  Mk 10  FV4017                            1960               ***
14.  Мк 13 “Centurion” “Ben-Gurion”   1972  heavy tank  (Israel modernization)
15.  “Conqueror 1”                           1954               ***
16. “Chieftain Mk-5”                        1975      heavy main battlefield tank
17. “Scorpion” F.V.101                    1972     light tank

18.   AEC Мк II                                   1942    armored car
19.  “Daimler”  Мк II                         1942   armored car
20. “Saracin ” Мк I F.V.603A           1953   armored carrier
21. “Ferret”  Мк 2 Мк 1/1 F.V.7019   1954    reconnaissance car


1.   М3  “Stuart”                                              1940 light tank
2.   М5А1 “Stuart”                                           1942  ***
3.   М24  “Chaffy”                                              1944 **
4.   AG М19А1                                                  1944   anti-aircraft assault gun
5.  М41 “Walker Bulldog”                                 1950 light tank
6. М3  “General Lee”  (? “general Grant“)    1939  medium tank
7.  М4А4  “Sherman”                                         1942    ***
8.  М4А2  “Sherman”                                          1944   ***
9. М51HV “Super-Sherman”                           1962  ***
10. М46 “Patton 1” (?Pershing)                     1948 ***
11.  М48А3                                                           1964
12.   М48А5    “Marax”                                       1975 Israel modernization
13.   М60А1                                                        1962   main battle tank
14.  М18  “Hellcat”                                              1942  self-propelled gun
15.  armored carrier  М39                   1944  tracked carrier
16.  armored carrier М2А1                  1941 half-tracked carrier
17.  AG  М17                                          1943 anti-aircraft assault gun
18.  AG Т-48 (SU-57)                              1943 half-tracked armored carrier M2 with 57 mm. caтnon
19.   М113А1                                        1964 amphibious tracked carrier
20.   М113 ACAV                                   1964 ***
21.  М125 А1                    1975   amphibious tracked carrier (81 mm. mine-thrower)

Canada  (as catalogue – Hall N7, but long time was in N5)

15 (N7)  snowmobile B-3 , 1944 , tracked carrier, serial

16 (N7)  snowmobile В-8 (?В-2) , 1937, half-tracked carrier, serial

Hangar N 6 – the armored vehicles of Nazi Germany exhibits list
Tank museum the official catalog of Hall N6 “WW2 German tanks, AG, automobiles and other equipment”. Prepared by M. Blinov: the catalog number, Soviet name (not always correct), year of manufacture, AV type and class.
1. T-1A (Panzer I or Sd.Kfz. 101), 1934, light tank, serial.
2. T-IIB (PzKpwg II Ausf. F or Sd.Kfz. 121), 1938, light tank, serial.
3. SU-75 (Sd.Kfz. 131) light AG Pak 40/2 “Mercedes II” on T-II chassis, 1940, serial (anti-tank AG Marder II).
4. SU – 105 FH 18/2 “Wespe” (Sd.Kfz.124) on Т-II chassis, 1940, light assault gun, serial.
5. Т-III j (Sd.Kfz. 141/1), 1940, the medium tank, serial.
6. SU-75 “Art Sturm” (StuG III Ausf. F Sd.Kfz 142/1), 1941, AG on the T-III chassis, serial
7. SU-75 “Art Sturm”, 1943, AG on the T-III chassis, serial.
8. SU- 105  “Art Sturm”, (StuH 42) 1942,  the Assault Howitzer on T-III base, serial.
9. SU-150 (StuIG 33B), 1943, assault howitzer on T-III base, serial
10. Т-IV, 1940,  the medium tank, serial.
11. SU-75, 1942, (Jagdpanzer IV /70 AG on T-IV base), serial.
12. SU- 150 (Brummbär Sturmpanzer IV), 1943,  the AG howitzer on T-IV base, serial.
13. SU- 88 Nashorn, 1943, the tank destroyer on T-IV, serial.
14. SU- 88 “Jagdpanther”, 1944, the AG on chassis Т-IV V, serial.
15. T-V “Panther” (PzKpwg V), 1943, the heavy tank, serial.
16. SU- 600 “Tor”  “Adam”, 1940, the heavy self-propelled mortar, small series.
17. Maus Panzer VIII, 1944, the super-heavy tank, small series.
18. B- 4 “Borward”, 1942, the tele controlled torpedo, serial.
19. Small carrier “KettenKrad” NK- 101, 1941, the tracked bike, serial.
20. B1a “Goliath”, 1943, the tracked torpedo electrical control, small series.
21. B1b “Goliath“, 1943,the tracked land torpedo electrical control, small series.
22. Ball-tank, 1938, the self-propelled armored observation artillery post, single sample.
23. T-1f (VK1801) “Bear”, 1941, the ight tank, serial.
24. Т-VIH “Tiger” I, 1942, the heavy tank, serial.
25. SU-380 “Sturm Tiger”, 1944, the covered heavy self-propelled rocket launcher, serial.
26. Т-VIB “Tiger II” (or “King Tiger”), 1944, the heavy tank, serial.
27. SU-128 “Jag tiger” B, 1944, the heavy assault gun, serial.
28. SU-88, 1944, the light opened self-propelled gun, serial.
29. SU-128, 1942, the half-closed self-propelled gun, small series.
30. SU-88 “Ferdinand”, “Elephant“, 1943, the heavy closed AG, serial.
31. “Horch”-B, 1939, light armored car, ***
32. BTRD7r “Adler-Berk”, 1938, the light armored carrier on base “Bussing-Nag”, ***
33. BTRD7 r  “Bussing” 250/9, 1938, the light carrier with 20 mm. cannon on the base “Bussing-Nag”, serial.
34. Carrier, 1939, the scout carrier with 75 mm. cannon on a tractor “Krauss-Maffei” base.
35. “Nebelwerfer”, 1942, 10 x Channel mortar on the “Maultier chassis” (?).
36. “Krauss-Maffei”, 1934, the medium carrier.
37. “Daimler-Benz” DV-10″ ДВ-10, 1934, the heavy carrier.
38. Mine Sweeper NK – 101, 1942, the mine clearing vehicle,  a small series
* – there are some the inaccuracies in this Catalog, the corrections and the clarifications in the possibility are  given too.

Kubinka museum HQ guidebook and 1972 – 2015 virtual tour

“I dedicate this guide to the bright memory of Major-General Yakubchik Georgy Vasilyevich, who managed to preserve this magnificent heritage for posterity. To all those who helped to assemble all the grains, all tankmen and their families, the designers of combat vehicles, engineers and workers. To all those who were touched by the events of the wars of the last century on the fronts and in the rear. To all who are close and dear to our historical past. To everyone who is now, at the risk of their lives, with weapons in their hands, fulfills their military duty to protect the vital interests of our Motherland. ”
Colonel Boris Ozerov (+), the author of the guidebook, the deputy chief of the Kubinka tank museum for scientific work.

Great benefit, when there are museums of this level, of such a scale, – this gives the impression of the state ..

Location. How to get to the museum by car and train
In 64 km from Moscow, in a picturesque place among the forests and fields situated near Moscow, in the village of Kubinka, Odintsovo district, there is a unique Military History Museum of armored weapons and equipment of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation *.
Automobile route Moscow-Minsk, the 64th kilometer. Near the highway on the pedestal, the heavy tank IS-3 – wide caterpillars, reliably standing on the ground, smooth contours of a heavy steel case with an amazing combination of slopes of powerful armor plates, streamlined, as if flattened, a tower with a long trunk of a heavy gun. Before you embodied in the metal symbol of the Armor shield of the Motherland. What is not the epic Russian hero Ilya of Murom of the 20th century ?! From the tank is not a wide asphalt road smoothly bends you directly to the gate of the Museum. Welcome, you are in the World of tanks.

A wide avenue among green lawns, rose bushes, blue spruce, framed by elegant, antique, lamps.

On the left hand side there is a gilded cupola of the Saint Blessed Prince Dmitry Donskoy, built in 1998 in honor of the memory of the dead Russian tankmen. In 1942, with the money of the pioneers of Moscow and the region (the money they earned on the All-Russian Sunday, as well as those that their parents gave them for breakfast), the tank column Moscow Pioneer was purchased. One of these tanks in the frosty summer night on December 7, when nominated to the battle site of the Velikiye Luki region, fell on the ice weakened by springs, drowned. 58 years at the 8-meter depth of Lake Bor-Lazava in the steel tomb lay mechanic driver Sergeant Lukoyanov. His ashes rest on the north side of the chapel .. The tank itself found its last refuge in our Museum. Tanks stands first in the pavilion No. 2.
On the south side of the chapel are the remains of 4 unknown tankmen who participated in the Smolensk battles.

Kubinka tank museum chapel and T-70 from WW2 battlefields

Kubinka orthodox chapel and WW2 memorial

Photos: The monument to the dead tankmen and the turret from the light tank T-70 found on WW2 battlefields. Here are buried the remains of four tankmen of the 119th regiment of the breakthrough, who died August 8, 1943 under the village of Gnezdikovo (Spas-Demensky district of the Kaluga region) during the Smolensk operation. Here, alongside the chapel of Dmitry Donskoy, there is a memorial plate with the inscription “Here lie the remains of Sergeant Lukoyanov, the mechanic-driver of the T-34 tank” Moscow Pioneer “from the 215th Tank Regiment. He died December 7, 1942 when crossing the lake Bor-Lazava Velikoluksky district of the Pskov region. Eternal memory to soldiers who died for freedom and independence of the Fatherland.

  • Read more about the T-34 tank, found on the battlefields of the Second World War

In 1999, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexey II consecrated the chapel and since then every Saturday it is served by priests from the Kubinka temple.
Above them rises a monument made by one of the disciples of Tsereteli. In windy weather, instead of the bells, the sad commemoration of the shell shells of the obelisk spreads around the district, reminding of the soldiers who died prematurely on the battlefields for the freedom and independence of our Motherland, those who will never be near us in the ranks, or at the festive table , not in the family circle.

Photos: Opposite the chapel there is an exhibition of the most representative examples of armored vehicles of the Red (Soviet) Army of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. Here, and one of the world’s best light tanks T-50 with the commander’s turret, a 45-mm cannon and a diesel engine. T-34 (76 mm) Koshkin, and T-34-85 Morozov, but with a more powerful 85-mm cannon from the tank column Dmitry Donskoy. One of the exhibits of the outdoor section, T-34-85 tank in winter camouflage from the column “Dmitry Donskoy”, built on the money of the Russian Orthodox Church. In a single formation with them firmly stand heavy machine IS-2 and SU-152, which with one shot turned the heavy German tank “Tiger” into a pile of scrap metal. Completes a number of cars supplied to the Soviet Union for Lend-Lease, such as “Stewart” (USA) and “Valentine” (England) ..
P.S. For the summer of 2016, this external exposition was disbanded, only one tank remained, and the fate of the exhibits will be determined by the leadership of the Defense Ministry
P.S.2 For the year 2017, the exposition is completely dismantled.

  • Anti-Hitler coalition tanks: Lend-Lease and the USSR СССР, outdoor exhibitions

On the right side behind the green lawn are pavilions of foreign equipment, on the left – pavilions of domestic armored weapons.

The museum was not always like that. By decision of the Soviet Government, the Museum was established in 1938, but access to it for a long time was very limited. Documents on the history of the formation of the Museum “Decree No. 180 of the Defense Committee under the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR of August 1, 1938” “On the use of old non-serial tank types available in the Red Army” have been preserved. This decision creates a Museum at the auto-armored range. The museum and the test site are inseparable to this day *.
The place is allocated, and all the equipment of the Museum was placed on an open platform, covered with a tarpaulin. Through the territory of the site was the only road with crushed stone (here now the main avenue of the Museum, along which we walked), it was put forward for testing the equipment at Kubinka and then on to the village  Agafonovo for the New Town to the Moscow River. In 1945, it was decided to create a “tank-park”. But only in 1972 the Museum was open to the general public.

In the meantime, we stop in front of the administrative building and from here we begin our tour. You have a copy in the metal of the First Russian Tank * “Freedom fighter comrade Lenin”, the 80th anniversary of the creation of which was celebrated in 2000. Its prototype was the lightweight French tank Renault (FT-17) (the prototype itself can be seen in pavilion No. 7 of the tank museum in Kubinka or several models of various modifications in the tank museum in Saumur, France, 2 hours by car from Paris …). Nearby is the first serial tank of the Leningrad plant “Bolshevik” MS-1 or T-18 of the 1927 edition. Battle baptism of these machines were received in 1929 during the conflict on the Chinese Eastern Railway. The Museum still has one working copy of this tank and traditionally it opens the Parade on the Day of tankmen (the second Sunday of September and the month).

Photos: The illegal copy of the tank stolen from the French army, named in honor of the Leader of the World proletariat, who organized a revolution in Russia with the money of the Kaiser’s General Staff to deprive her of the Great Victory. The original Renault FT-17 tanks, made in France, captured as trophies, as well as illegal copies under the name ” Fighter for  Freedom Comrade Lenin”, were called “M” (Small) by the Red Army.