Soviet KV-85 Tank

Patriot Park collection.

Soviet KV-85 tank

The tank was developed in 1943. It was produced serially and was in service with the Red Army (the Soviet Army since 1945). Participated in the battles:

  • The Second World War
KV-85G Object 238 in Patriot Park, 1943 Battle of Kursk Hall

KV-85G Object 238 in Patriot Park, 1943 Battle of Kursk Hall (2016)

Soviet KV-85 tank Object 238 in Patriot Park museum, 1943 Battle of Kursk Hal

KV-85G Object 238 in Patriot Park, 1view from the other side, 1943 Battle of Kursk Hal

Kubinka tank museum, Pavilion N1 (soviet heavy tanks and assault guns) Virtual tour.

Soviet heavy KV-85 tank the tactical and technical characteristics:

The weight of the KV-85 tank is 46 tons
Crew of the tank – 4 people
The overall dimensions (length x width x height) are 69000 x 3250 x 2800 mm.
Armament of the KV-85 tank:
gun 1 piece, caliber – 85 mm., ammunition – 70 shots
machine gun – 3 pieces, caliber – 7.62 mm., ammunition – 3276 shots
Armor protection: body – 75 mm., Tower – 100 mm.
Engine power – 600 horsepower
The maximum speed is 42 km / h
Cruising range on the highway – 250 km
Depth of water barriers to be surfaced is 1.6 meters
Features of the design of the KV-85.

Base – the base of KV-1s, the turret is original.
General configuration: the combat application is located in the middle part of the turret, the control compartment in the front part along the longitudinal axis of the tank, the motor-transmission compartment is in the stern.
Armament of the KV-85 tank; the gun is mounted on trunnions in the frontal part of the turret and is covered with armor-mask, one machine gun is paired with a gun, the second is installed in the ball support of the aft wall of the turret. Another machine gun spare.
Protection; The body is welded, the tower is cast.

The chassis of the KV-85 tank. Engine 12-cylinder, V-shaped, four-stroke diesel, liquid cooling; tractor type; individual torsion suspension; support rollers with internal cushioning.

Location: 2019 – at “Battle for Kursk” 1943 hall of Patriot park Hall.