Patriot Park Tour Guide

Created on the basis of the tank museum and its collection, Patriot Park occupies a huge area from Kubinka to Alabino on the territory of the 2nd Guards Taman motorized Division, annually expands and forms its branches throughout the country, and is also replenished with new exhibits from all military units.

Patriot Park travel Guide Moscow

Patriot Park – a museum of tanks, aviation, spacecraft and other vehicles & equipment

The structure of the Patriot Park and its main objects.

Museum site N1, expositions and pavilions:
air defense
Gym game room
Nuclear weapon
Battle for Moscow, 1941, World War II
Stalingrad, 1942, the famous battle of the Eastern Front
Kursk and Prokhorovka tank battle 1943
Liberation of Europe and the Battle of Berlin, 1944-1945
Victory over Japan, 1945, trophies and echoes of the war
outdoor exposure
War in Syria

Technical Center (former Kubinka tank museum)
Soviet heavy tanks
Soviet medium tanks
Armored vehicles of the Airborne Forces of the USSR and the Russian Federation
Domestic armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles
Armored vehicles of foreign states
British American armored vehicles
Tanks of foreign countries
Repair workshops

Partisan village
Equestrian sports center
Center for military tactical games
Multifunctional firing complex – shooting range
Patriot Expo

Conventionally, for the period of the Army Games, Patriot Park includes:
Airfield, air force base and site in Kubinka.
Tank and rifle range of the 2nd Taman motorized rifle division