Patriot Park Tour Guide

Created on the basis of the tank museum and its collection, Patriot Park occupies a huge area from Kubinka to Alabino on the territory of the 2nd Guards Taman motorized Division, annually expands and forms its branches throughout the country, and is also replenished with new exhibits from all military units.

Patriot Park travel Guide Moscow

Patriot Park – a museum of tanks, aviation, spacecraft and other vehicles & equipment

The structure of the Patriot Park and its main objects.

Museum site N1, expositions and pavilions:

  • Space: Soviet / Russian military satellites for reconnaissance, navigation and communications, spaceships with man and monkey (Hall N 14 on the map)
  • Air Defense (PVO): WW2, S25-S75-..300 Soviet Anti Aircraft missiles and systems
  • WW1 and chemical weapons: Russian Imperial Army, British Mk V tank
  • USSR Military Cars: Cold War vehicles. Moved to separate Automobile Pavilion
  • Training / Game systems: T-80 tank rides, T-62, MiG / Su, Navy, Shooting simulators
  • Soviet nuclear weapons: nuclear and thermonuclear bombs, laboratories
  • Airborne Forces (DVD):  Paratroopers, armored vehicles, cold war and the modern
  • WW2 Hall N8 the Battle of Moscow: 1941 Great Patriotic War begin exhibition
  • Hall N9 Battle of Stalingrad exhibition: 1942 German, Soviet and Lend-Lease AV’s
  • Hall N10 1943 Battle of Kursk / Prokhorovka: Citadel Operation Tigers and Ferdinand’s
  • Liberation 1944-1945 Hall N11: the Battle of Ukraine, Poland, East Prussia, Berlin
  • USSR-Japan War: 1945, Manchuria trophies and found on island battlefields
  • Motors of War: Soviet, Japanese, German, Italian rare cars, trucks (no longer)
  • Special Military Operation in Ukraine: USA, Germany, France weapons trophies
  • The war in Syria against ISIS: Russian uniforms and weapons, rare amazing trophies
  • Outdoor exhibition: tanks, armored personnel carriers, missiles, planes, drones, ships,
  • Cold War soviet tanks and armored vehicles on open area
  • Soviet military cars and trucks, supply vehicles and field kitchens
  • Air defense missile systems
  • Air Force: training system, outdoor expo, archives etc.
  • Tank ride and drive training
  • USSR and Russian Navy
Patriot Park Museum site 1, hangars and railway to Kubinka

Patriot Park Museum site N1, hangars and railway to Kubinka from car window (2016 photo)

Technical Center (former Kubinka tank museum)

WW2 partisan Guerilla Village

Hidden in the forests behind enemy lines is the base of a Partisan (Guerilla) detachment under the leadership of the NKVD. The construction of camouflaged dugouts, a radio station and a wired communication line, and a manual printing press for anti-Hitler leaflets and propaganda are shown. The famous School of Soviet saboteurs. How to organize covert reconnaissance behind trains with military equipment. Here you will be taught how to properly fish out shells found at battle sites and blow up a railroad. How to properly organize a food warehouse and raise animals as meat for fighters. Show you bread baking in the camp with the opportunity to buy a hot flatbread. Bathhouse, kitchen and Samogon (moonshine or homemade vodka, no more). Stables and horses as horse-drawn transport for partisans.

Re-enactment field: Napoleonic Wars, World War I & II

A horse base, caponiers with T-34-85 tanks, self-propelled guns and guns, trenches and even a model of the Reichstag made from wood. The laid railway makes it possible to show a real armored train in motion, a participant in the battle for Leningrad. A special high platform was built for spectators and VIP guests to watch the Red Army storm the Reichstag, and re-enactors in German uniforms with blank light weapons defended it. The show is held on public holidays (Victory Day, Russia Day, Airborne Forces, etc.) for a separate ticket fee. The Battle of Borodino in 1812 and the capture of Paris by Russian Cossacks in 1814 are held elsewhere. Sometimes this site hosts a demonstration performance by Airborne Special Forces soldiers with demonstrations of BMD, hand-to-hand combat and drones. The wooden Reichstag is periodically used for YunArmiya (Young Army) training, an analogue of the Soviet game Zarnitsa. Next to the partisan village there is a YunArmiya summer camp and exhibition center. Evil tongues compare such a children’s organization with the Hitler Youth, which is incorrect. Read more in our author’s guide to youth Russian military sports organizations in pre-revolutionary Russia, in exile in the USA, France and other countries. Scouts, Orthodox Knights, Sokol and other organizations.

The Equestrian Center, located next to the youth camp and partisan village, is also part of this large area. It is expected that there will be horse care workshops and racing.

Multifunctional Firing Complex – Shooting Range

The former army shooting range has been converted into a shooting range for modern hunting or historical weapons for military personnel and civilians. Civilians with their own hunting weapons must have a special license. The rules for providing historical and modern weapons are constantly changing, but foreign citizens are not allowed entry. Constantly or on holidays, special points for firing blank cartridges from modern or historical weapons operate on the territory of the former museum and other places.

  • Small arm shooting in Kubinka and Patriot Park

Center for Military Tactical Games and Engineering area

The building has specially equipped classic rooms for playing airsoft or paintball. Rent of premises for various teams and clubs. The space around the building is equipped as an engineering camp. This area is also called the Scout’s Trail. The local military shuttle (special bus or minivan) has a special stop here.

Patriot Expo Exhibition Center

This area includes a military convention center, exhibition pavilions, military-industrial company demonstration centers and an open area. Various events take place here several times a year, the most important of which is the annual week-long exhibition of weapons and equipment, called the Army with the addition of a year. In winter this area becomes deserted. There is only one restaurant and a few kiosks open. The permanent exhibition in the open area includes several tanks from the Cold War period and aircraft. Below we post several photo galleries from the annual Army forums.

  • Army Forum 2023 Russia photo gallery, the famous T-14 Armata tank and more
Army Forum 2023 Russia Patriot Park

Congress – Exhibition Center main buildings during Army Forum 2023

International Army Games and Tank Biathlon

Conventionally, for the period of the Army Games, Patriot Park includes:
Airfield, air force base and site in Kubinka.
Tank and rifle range of the 2nd Taman motorized rifle division