Army Forum (Patriot Park, Russia)

Army Forum is an annual international exhibition of weapons and military equipment, organized by the Ministry of Defense of Russia in the Moscow region on the territory of the Congress-Exhibition Center of the Patriot Park. The main purpose of the Army Forum is the static and dynamic Show for Russian and foreign customers the latest developments of the military-industrial complex enterprises from all cities and regions. The main foreign visitors of the forum are the military representatives of the Arab countries, Latin America, Asian countries, primarily Iran, China and North Korea. The forum is held in covered pavilions, as well as in an open area in the front of the buildings. A dynamic display of military vehicles equipment in the action is carried out at the training ground of the 2nd Taman Guards motorized Division, at the same site of the Army Games. The first 3-4 days the forum is open only for the official representatives and the delegations, another 3 days for the ordinary visitors, but with the mandatory ID registration.

Patriot Expo and Army Forum 2023, Moscow, Russia

Patriot Expo and Army Forum 2023, Moscow, Russia

Army Forum 2023 Russia Patriot Park

Congress Exhibition Center north side, view from car park, 2023

Territory The Congress – Exhibition Center is located on the northeast side of Patriot Park, includes the several separate areas with many buildings and is constantly expanding. Recently built a large comfortable hotel. Travel to the training ground, where the all-army battle of tanks, artillery, helicopters and aircraft is shown, is carried out in the special buses.

Army Forum 2023 Russia Patriot Park

Congress – Exhibition Center main buildings during Army Forum 2023

The annual Army Forum has been held since 2015 and has a specific typical program, described below. In 2015, 70 foreign states took part in the forum, in 2019, before the Corona virus epidemic, there were already 120 states. The events of 2022-2023 drastically reduced the number of foreign representatives, leaving only the traditional “friends of Russia”, primarily Iran and North Korea, China, and African and Arab countries.

Army Forum 2023 Russia

In 2023, the Army Forum was held, in general, like all previous years, with the traditional program of the static and dynamic demonstrations of the military vehicles and equipment. Most of the exhibits were the same as in 2022, but with some differences. Taking into account the combat experience of 2022-2023, a lot of factory special protection of the tanks against the shock drones made in Turkey and the USA has appeared. In the past, since the war in Syria, Russian tanks have used makeshift mounted protective devices, jokingly called “barbecue grills.” Now all such protection has become scientifically based, tested and produced in the factory. There was also a lot of new equipment for the electronic warfare against the drones, the new electronic warfare stations. Of particular interest are the Russian unmanned percussion vehicles of the various design bureaus, which did not go into series, only experimental ones. There are many new armored personnel carriers for the Airborne Forces and Special Forces.

Army Forum 2023 general views

Tanks and armored vehicles on the Army Forum 2023

This year, new armored personnel carriers, armored vehicles and systems for protecting tanks from combat drones were presented at the Army Forum. Some armored personnel carriers are oversized and designed for special tasks and special forces, such as the GRU General Staff, the Airborne Forces and the TsSN FSB. Foreign representatives were especially interested in armored civilian vehicles that look like ordinary ones. The exhibition also featured three operational T-14 Armata tanks, including those with special camouflage nets. Of greatest interest are protective devices against drones, Turkish Bayraktar and American Javelins. Modern tanks have a vulnerable spot above the crew hatch, where guided projectiles fall. During the Syrian war, the first, primitive and self-made protective screens began to be made, jokingly called “barbecue grill”. A whole series of factory protection devices against drones and anti-tank missiles is presented at the Army Forum 2023. We show the most interesting ones below in the photo gallery.

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Armored cars and trucks