Kubinka Patriot park, Air Force

The structure and names of objects in Kubinka Patriot Park have changed several times. For a long time, starting in 2016, the main museum site was called the Aerospace Sector. Perhaps the original idea was to make a Russian analogue of the Aerospace Center and Museum in Le Bourget near Paris. Now the Aerospace Sector is renamed to Museum Site N1, which includes a flight simulator hall and an outdoor exhibition of aircraft. In addition to the museum site N1, airplanes and helicopters are present in the Patriot Park Expo area as a permanent and variable exhibition. We present defunct exhibitions as a virtual tour.

The VVS Air Forces pavilion virtual tour, no longer

  • Russian modern Army aircraft scale models
  • aviation weapons: guns, machine guns, rockets
  • aviation bombs
  • posters about WW2 famous pilots
  • posters about air force pilot schools

Note the WWII history on the walls. At 2017 there are not the aircraft scale models.

Aircraft cockpits and flight simulators

The simulator room houses aircraft with the opportunity to view the cockpit. Sometimes, on holidays or during special events, flight simulators of airplanes and helicopters operate. Recently, mannequins with the uniforms of Russian pilots during the operation in Syria were installed

Outdoor exhibition of airplanes and helicopters at the Museum site N1

On the outer area of n1 there is a collection of Sukhoi (Su) and Mikoyan (Mi) Design Bureau aircraft from the Cold War and modern times, including fighters, bombers and trainers. Helicopters are ordinary, sea and large transport. Drones of the first samples.