Tank Ride & Drive Training in Patriot Park

Kubinka Patriot Park is located on the territory of the famous 2nd Guards Motorized Rifle Tamanskaya and 4th Guards Tank Kantimirovskaya Divisions. For this reason, tank simulators that were actually used by the troops were installed at the N1 Museum Site, the former Aerospace Sector. The driver training system was also standard military, led by officers or sergeants, based on tank textbooks. The simulator has a real tank cockpit with a monitor, a control center with an instructor who gives commands using a real helmet with a headset, as well as a computer showing a map of the tank’s movement and errors. The main tank simulators are the T-80 and the Msta self-propelled gun. On the other side of the hall, on holidays and special events such as the Army Forum, additional simulators of other tanks and Combat Infantry Vehicles are installed. According to the initial official version, the simulators were supposed to teach young people before serving in the army, and those who left the army to retain their knowledge of driving tanks. For a small cost of a few dollars on holidays and birthdays, soldiers and sergeants who served in tank forces could relax in military style, along with their wives and children. Nearby is a translucent training tank T-62, in which you can study all the systems – transmission, chassis, turret, commander and gunner position, loading system. This famous training tank model complements the driving experience well. There are also other tanks in the hall, which you can climb on and take a photo as a souvenir.

Tank ride and BMP simulators

Tank and BMP simulators

2016. All training systems in actions at this moment are available 100% during the special events (such as Army forum 2016)
2019. Tank ride training, small arm shooting available, but you have book the tour with English speaking translator (guide) in advance. Same your charges (!), just inform your military guide to include T-80 tank ride simulator: or Small arm shooting training: in the program of you trip. Takes 30 minutes including the quick lection before. Extra fee 250 roubles for one person for each training.