Soviet SU-152 Assault Gun

Kubinka tank museum, Pavilion N1 (Soviet heavy tanks and Assault Guns), virtual tour.

Heavy self-propelled gun SU-152

It was developed in 1943. Produced from 1943 to 1944. It was in service with the Red Army (since 1945 the Soviet) Army. Used in battles:

  • The Great Patriotic War
Soviet WW2 SU-152 heavy Assault Gun Kubinka tank museum

Soviet WW2 SU-152 heavy Assault Gun (Kubinka tank museum, 2016)

Established in January 1943 in SKB-2 pilot plant N100 and KB N172 on the basis of a heavy tank KV-1S under the leadership of J. Ya. Kotin: the leading designer L. Troyanov. It was armed with heavy self-propelled artillery regiments. Manufactured in 1943-1944, manufactured 671 cars

The first battle baptism of the SAU was at the Battle of Kursk (see also Prokhorovka).

Performance characteristics SU-152

Weight – 45.5 tons
Crew – 5 people
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 8950 x 3250 x 2450 mm.
Armament SU-152:
gun (howitzer) – 1 piece, caliber – 152 mm., ammunition – 20 shots, maximum shooting range – 12,000 m, rate of fire 1-2 * per minute
Armor protection: the front part – 75 mm., The side – 60 mm., The tower – 70 mm., The mask of the gun 120 mm.
Engine power – 600 horsepower
The maximum speed is 43 km / h
Cruising range on the highway – 330 (490) kilometers
Depth of water barriers to be surfaced is 1.6 meters
Features of the design of SU-152

The base used is the KV-1s tank.
General layout – above the front part of the hull is installed a log cabin, in which a combat compartment is located; the control compartment is in the front of the hull; motor-transmission – in the rear of the hull.
Armament. The cannon (howitzer) is installed in the wheelhouse on the machine; guidance mechanisms sector, manual; telescopic and panoramic sights; separate loading shots. Protection – hull and felling welded, from armored sheets.

Chassis. Engine 12-cylinder, V-shaped, four-stroke, liquid-cooled V2K diesel engine; transmission mechanical; individual suspension, torsion bar.

Radio communication: radio station 9P (or 10R, 10RK-26). interphone TPU.
* According to other data, 2-3 shots per minute, which raises big doubts on separate loading

Soviet WW2 SU-152 heavy Assault Gun Kubinka tank museum

Soviet heavy SU-152 Assault Gun in Kubinka HQ Hangar N1 (2016)

Location: 2019 – “the battle for Kursk” hall of Patriot park. Ask your travel guide.