Soviet IS-2 Tank

Kubinka tank museum Pavilion N1 (soviet heavy tanks and Assault Guns)

Soviet heavy IS-2 (“Joseph Stalin”)

It was developed in 1942. It was produced serially from 1943 to 1945. Was in service with the Soviet Army. Used in the battles of the Great Patriotic War.

Soviet IS-2 heavy tank, Kubinka museum

Soviet IS-2 heavy tank, Kubinka museum outdoor exhibition, archives photo  2016

Tactical and technical characteristics of IS-2

Weight – 46 tons
Crew – 4 people
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm 9830 х 3070 х 2730
gun – 1 piece, caliber, 122 mm., ammunition, “shots 28
machine gun – 3 pieces, caliber-7.62 mm., ammunition, 2330 shots
Armor protection, mm
The forehead of the body 120, the forehead of the tower 100
Engine power, hp 520
The maximum speed, km / h. 40
Cruising range on the highway, km .. 180
Depth of water barriers to be surfaced, m 1,3

Soviet IS-2 heavy tank, Kubinka museum

Kubinka tank museum outdoor, IS-2, photo 2016, now moved to Patriot park

Design Features:

Base – tank IS-85. The general layout is classical; three crew members are stationed in the combat compartment; engine-transmission compartment – in the stern part of the hull.
Armament – a cannon and a machine gun are paired, a second machine gun is fixed in a ball system at the stern of the tower, a third machine gun is a course gun; The coupled installation of the gun and machine gun is equipped with telescopic and periscopic sights.
Protection – the body is welded, made of cast and rolled parts; the tower cast, has a fixed commander’s turret.
Chassis – engine 12-cylinder, V-shaped, four-stroke liquid-cooled diesel engine with an electric inertia starter; transmission mechanical; gearbox eight-speed with a demultiplier; mechanism of rotation – two-stage, planetary; individual suspension, torsion bar.