Patriot Park Expo

The exhibition Halls of the Congress and Exhibition Center at “Patriot” park behind the AV outdoor exhibition

Located inside of the restricted military area, the access is available during the special events (see the schedule), mostly “Army forum – 2015”, “Army forum -2016” (probably one week per year at this moment, summer time. Since 2017 the schedule will be displayed later))

Army Forum 2023 Russia Patriot Park

Congress Exhibition Center north side, view from car park

The entrance fee during the Army forum depends of the day (one day for the military official only, for the specialists 2 days – 1000- 1500 Roubles (17-25$), 3 days for the regular visitors 300 Roubles (5$). But the program (including the gun shows, tank shooting etc.) is different.

Army Forum 2023 Russia Patriot Park

Congress – Exhibition Center main buildings during Army Forum 2023

Location. How to visit. The restrictions.

The visits are available (after ID registration) only during the special days. See the schedule or events

  • 2015 (June) Army forum
  • 2016 (September) Army forum
  • 2017 (August) Army forum
  • 2018, 2019 (June) etc

Park Patriot Expo is inside of the restricted military area and can be reached by different ways. For the foreign visitors (without the Russian language knowledge) strongly recommended the guided tours (public transportation, including the train, local taxi etc.,  or by the car). See below…

  • private tours (individual or the small group) by car with a English speaking  guide, charges, FAQ’s etc.

Total amount of the Halls are more that 12 , and grown up. Some views of the different  pavilions inside.

The main exhibitions:

  • Space (military). Rockets, spacecrafts and the Military space engineering academy
  • Strategic defense. Nuclear intercontinental  rockets
  • PVO. Anti-aircraft systems: SA-21 Growler (S-400)
  • Aviation. Helicopters
  • Aviation. Aircrafts
  • Military navy ships
  • GAPTU. Armored vehicle and auto HQ
  • tanks, BMP, BMD and other AV
  • military trucks, cars and other vehicles
  • small arm shooting systems
  • Field radio communication systems and computers
  • military computers
  • Optical systems (field recognition)
  • VDV . Paratrooper systems
  • Military uniforms and equipment’s
  • Soldier equipment. Helmets
  • Mine detectors
  • special dress for the scouts
  • Propaganda. Military painter studio
  • Training systems: tank, BMP, AV
  • Training systems: small arm shooting etc.

to be continued…

The residence and the temporary outdoor exhibitions at Expo site, Patriot park, Moscow region.

Residence exhibition, Cold war soviet tanks:

  • T-55
  • T-64
  • T-72

Temporary exhibition (including Kubinka tank museum collection):

  • T-34-85
  • IS-3

Recommendation for visitors: this area has a café (restaurant), souvenir shop. During the Army forum Expo there are a lot of the modern military exhibits.