Experimental Heavy Soviet Tanks (Cold War)

Soviet post-war experimental, small series and prototypes heavy tanks  in the Kubinka Museum collection.

Soviet IS-4 heavy tank

IS-4 (“Joseph Stalin”) heavy soviet was developed in 1947, after WW2. It was produced serially, limited by the party from 1947 to 1948. Was in service with the Soviet Army. In the battles was not used.

Soviet IS-4 heavy tank Kubinka museum

Soviet IS-4 heavy post-war tank (Kubinka museum, 2016)

Soviet  IS-4 heavy tank tactical and technical characteristics:
Weight – 60 tons, Crew – 4 people.
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm. 9790 x 3260 x 2480
Armament: gun – 1 piece, caliber – 122 mm., Ammunition – 30 shots,
machine gun – 2 pieces, caliber – 12.7 mm., ammunition – 1000 shots.
Armored protection, mm forehead – 160, forehead – 250
Engine power – 750 h/p, The maximum speed is 43 km / h, Cruising range on the highway – 320 km.
Depth of water obstacles to be surfaced is 1.5 m
Design Features: Base – tank IS-3. The overall layout is classical.
Armament – with a cannon paired a 12.7 mm machine gun; the anti-aircraft machine gun is fixed to the turret of the charging hatch; gun guidance electromechanical. Protection – a welded hull of increased rigidity, a cast tower with variable wall thickness.
Chassis – engine 12-cylinder, V-shaped, four-stroke, liquid-cooled diesel engine with a drive centrifugal supercharger; there is a device for heating the intake air; transmission planetary with original turning mechanism and multipliers; individual suspension, torsion bar.

Soviet experimental IS-7 super heavy tank (object 260)

The tank was developed in 1948. An experimental batch was issued. He was not in service. In the battles did not participate. Location: Kubinka tank museum Pavilion N1 (soviet heavy tanks and assault guns).

Soviet Heavy tank IS-7 object 260 at Kubinka museum

Soviet Heavy tank IS-7 object 260 (Kubinka museum Hall N1 photo 2021)

Tactical and technical characteristics of the IS-7 tank:
Weight – 68 tons, Crew – 5 people.
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) – 10000 x 3400 x 2480 mm.
Armament of the IS-7 tank: gun – 1 piece, caliber -130 mm., ammunition – 25 shots
machine gun – 2 pieces, caliber – 14.5 mm., ammunition – 1000 shots,
machine gun – 6 pcs., caliber – 7.62 mm., ammunition 6000 shots
Armor protection, the forehead of the body is 150 mm., The forehead of the turret is 210 mm.
Engine power – 1050 horsepower, The maximum speed is 59 km / h, Cruising range on the highway – 300 km. The depth of the water barriers that are forded 1.5 meters
Features of the IS-7: Base – the original. The overall layout is classical, four crew members are deployed in the combat compartment. Armament – with a cannon paired three machine guns; four machine guns of caliber of 7.62 mm are located on the sides of the hull and turret in armored hoods; on the roof of the turret there is a large-caliber machine gun KPV (*); there is a mechanism for facilitating the loading of the gun.
Protection – the hull welded, side sheets bent; The turret is one-piece cast in a spherical shape with varying thicknesses and angles of inclination.
Chassis – engine 12-cylinder, V-shaped four-stroke marine diesel; transmission mechanical, planetary; independent suspension with beam torsion bars, hydraulic shock absorbers and buffer supports; caterpillars with rubber-metal hinges, support rollers with internal cushioning.
* KP – large-caliber machine gun of the Vladimirov system.
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