Experimental Heavy Assault Guns (Cold War USSR)

Soviet experimental post-WW2 heavy self-propelled guns in Kubinka tank museum collection.

WW2 Soviet experimental heavy Assault Gun ISU-130, Object 250

It was developed in 1944 on IS-2 chassis. An experimental batch was issued. I was not at military service. In the battles did not participate. In connection with the end of the Second World War, the work was stopped.

Soviet heavy experimental ISU-130 Assault Gun on IS-2 chassis

Soviet heavy experimental ISU-130 Assault Gun on IS-2 chassis (Kubinka tank museum, 2016)

Tactical and technical characteristics of ISU-130:
Weight – 47 tons
Crew – 4 people
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm. 11420 x 3070 x 2480
Armament: gun S26, 1 piece, caliber – 130 mm., ammunition, 25 shots, separate loading, rate of fire up to 2 rounds per minute, firing range up to 15000 m.
Armored protection, mm felling, forehead and sides of the hull – 90 mm.
Engine power, 520 hp
Maximum speed, km / h 40
Cruising range on the highway – 150 km.
The depth of the water barriers to be surfaced is 1.3 meters.

Created on the basis of ISU-122S KB N100 plant under the direction of J. Kotin.

Features of the ISU-130 design: Base – tank IS-2 heavy tank. General layout – the combat compartment is located in the cabin and the front of the hull. Armament – the gun is mounted on trunnions in the front part of the felling and is shifted to the right with respect to the longitudinal axis of the machine; gate wedge, horizontal; there is a system for blowing the barrel bore with compressed air; telescopic and panoramic sights are installed. Protection – hull and felling crocheted, from rolled armor plates.
Chassis – engine 12-cylinder, V-shaped, four-stroke, liquid-cooled diesel V2 IS; transmission mechanical; individual suspension, torsion bar.

Means of communication: Radio station 10РК-26
Tank talker TPU-4 BisF for 4 subscribers.

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