Paris Zoo Park Menagerie (Jardin des plantes)

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On many sites dedicated to the sights of Paris, incorrect information is given, everything that is possible is mixed up, mixed into one two different zoos. We provide a description of both, where our team was personally and understood all the intricacies of history.

Paris Zoo Park in Plantes Garden

Paris Zoo Park in Plantes Garden

“Menagerie” – Paris Zoo at the Botanical Garden.
“Ménagerie du Jardin des plantes”. Located in the area of the RR station Austerlitz. The zoo, which has more than 220 years of history, was established by the Convention in 1794 (!), has collected many exotic animals and is constantly evolving. It is also a research center for the study of flora and fauna, including poisonous and dangerous to humans.

Brief history of the zoo.
1792 – The intendant of the National Botanical Garden, Bernardin-de-Saint-Pierre, announced the need to create a menagerie for the collection of living exhibits of the Museum of Animals, including endangered ones.
1793 – A municipal decree forbids exhibitions of wild animals on the streets of Paris. These new “residents of the capital” are housed in the temporary premises of the Botanical Garden. The owners of confiscated animals become their first “tamers”.
1794 – Several surviving animals from the royal menagerie at Versailles are transferred to Paris, as well as from the menagerie of the Duke of Orléans. The Convention Decree formally establishes a zoo (“menagerie”), which becomes home to 58 animals.
From 1798 – Arrival of elephants, lions, camels, ostriches, bears, buffaloes (requisitioned by the armies of the Convention, and then by the Napoleonic armies during campaigns and expeditions). There are also private deliveries and donations of animals.
1805 – The first buildings for keeping animals and the creation.
1812 – Presentation of the Rotunda, made in the form of a cross of the Order of the Legion of Honor, established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806.
1827 – Arrival of the giraffe. Crowds of Parisians stand near the rotunda, where this exotic animal is located. The giraffe remained in this zoo for another 17 years, attracting the attention of the people of Paris.
1870 – Zoo Black Period: During the siege of Paris by the Prussians, some of the animals are killed by explosions and some are eaten by the population.
1874 – Creation of the reptile pavilion.
1934 – Grand opening of the Paris Zoo in the Bois de Vincennes, which temporarily overshadows the glory of the menagerie.
1937 – Completion of large cells and buildings, artistically designed in the latest fashion.
2003 – Bear facilities converted to contain red pandas and parrots.
2008 – The Paris Zoo (Vincennes) is closed, the menagerie receives some animals for keeping.
2012 – Renovation of large premises for animals of the cat-tiger-panther family.
2013 – Construction of the desert enclosure.
2015-2020 – Renovation of the Reptile Gallery and Singerie (1936).

Practical information.
The zoo is open all days (important, as all museums are closed on Monday). In winter from 9.00 to 17.00, in summer from 9.00 to 18.30. Paris, 57 st. Cuvier, Metro Jussieu or Gare d’Austerlitz.
Ticket price: 13 Euro, for schoolchildren and students (from 3 to 25 years old) the price is 9 Euro upon presentation of a student card. Group excursions for schoolchildren -2 Euro

How to visit the zoo, Map of the Zoo and the Botanical Garden.