Deauville Resort (Normandy)

Deauville is a famous French resort, known since the end of the 19th century, which was a favorite vacation spot of the famous Coco Chanel. The nearest seaside resort from Paris (200 km – 2 hours by car), which hosts the American Film Festival, the world polo championship and the largest horse auction in Europe. There is everything that can give pleasure here: fresh air, endless sandy beaches, casinos, hippodrome, thalassotherapy centers, gastronomic restaurants, luxury hotels, villas and boutiques.

Deauville, private Normandy tours from Paris

Deauville (Normandy tours from Paris)

In the middle of the 19th century, when the beaches of Trouville could no longer accommodate everyone, they began to develop the coast on the left side of the Touques River. One of the founders of the construction is considered a businessman with connections “where necessary” the Duke de Morny, the illegitimate son of Napoleon Bonaparte’s stepdaughter Queen Hortense (grandson of Josephine) and brother of the future Emperor Napoleon III. His team of realtors included bankers, doctors, and even our compatriot Anatoly Demidov (Prince Demidov-San Donato and husband of Princess Marie Bonaparte). Duke Morny actively combined business with politics, which was greatly facilitated by his beloved, the daughter of a banker. He even led the coup that made his brother Emperor. He was against the Crimean War against Russia (!), and after that he traveled as part of a delegation to St. Petersburg and married Sophia Trubetskoy. These are the people who founded the resort. By 1863, three dozen luxurious beautiful villas, surrounded by gardens, had already been built. The development of the resort was also facilitated by the fact that a railway was laid here from Paris, allowing residents of the capital to spend a classic weekend vacation here.
In 1912, a new casino was opened in Deauville, and the Duke of Morny’s villa became the Royal Hotel. Another Normandy hotel appears in the Norman style of architecture. Many villas were built in the antique style (“Suzanne”), in the old French (“Suzanne”) and even in the “Moorish” (“Camellia”). All of the above can now be viewed during the tour.