Mandelieu-la-Napoule (Cote d’Azur)

A guide to the Cote d’Azur of France, cities, resorts, beaches and even castles.
Golden Sands Beach and Port-na-Napoule receive the international Blue Flag status. This is the first mark for Mandelieu-La Napoule, which sees the Golden Sands beach get special status. Port la Napoule, for its part, has resumed reconstruction and renovation. Established in 1985, this label is presented every year and rewards candidates for good environmental, waste and water management. The provision of the label implies that municipalities and ports must scrupulously fulfill a number of criteria.
For beaches, “excellent” bathing water with five control fences per season, drinking water point, garbage bins on the beach, selective sorting of at least three types of waste – paper, plastic or glass – with a recycling and conservation policy. The Pavillon Bleu 2017 award reflects the will of the French coastal and inland communities to promote the sustainable development of tourism on their territory.
In 2017, French and international Blue Pavilion juries retained 173 winners in municipalities in France, with a total of 390 beaches and 102 marinas. In the Alpes-Maritimes, 34 beaches were marked.
Blue Flag monitoring is the responsibility of the Department of Ports and Beaches.
Maintenance of our beaches is provided by general technical services agents. Our coastline is not very extensive (3 km of coastline), but very dense. This department is responsible for the implementation of beach safety in cooperation with firefighters and municipal police, as well as for the installation of markers regulated by prefectural and municipal orders.
Service role:
Establishment, monitoring and control of port councils of the ports of La Napole and La Rague,
Management of the communal port of Río de la Argentre.
Sports and recreation
Municipal Maritime Center Voiles de Lérins
The municipal maritime center is located on a high-quality water area, considered the windiest of the maritime Alps. The exceptional setting of the bay of La Napole, nestled between the Lérins Islands and the red cliffs of the Estérel, offers the perfect setting for water sports. Certified by the EFV (French School of Sailing) and approved for youth and sports, our sailing school represents every safety guarantee. Each year, our state-certified instructors teach Sailing to over 1,500 children and teenagers from elementary schools and community colleges through the School of Sail.
CNM is open all year round 7 days a week, 7 days a week and offers group classes, internships, rentals and private lessons for all ages (from 6 years old)!
We also welcome groups and work tips: we tailor ourselves to your request and offer you a personalized and tailored quote with preferential rates.
Our dynamic team of government instructors invites you to discover the joys of navigation throughout the year on various supports and adapt to all ages and all levels.
The main sports and recreation are:
– Martial arts
– athletics
– a ride on the bicycle
– gymnastics
– Sports for the disabled
— Omnisports
– bowling
– Outdoor sports
– Water sports
– Racket games
– other sports
Parks and playgrounds
The city of Mandelieu-La Napoule has eight sites. Games comply with safety standards and are checked quarterly by an authorized company. To compose them, the Commune has chosen first-class supplies and high-quality equipment. Most of the squares of Mandelieu-la-Napole have been named by the Municipal Council: these squares now have the names of children, inspired by our region and chosen by the children.