Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire castle

Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire (Château de Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire) is a castle located in the village of the same name, Loire department, Center region. A little history and description.
Its foundation dates back to 1020, and at that time it was apparently made of wood. However, already at the beginning of the 13th century, the main tower of the castle – the donjon and some other buildings were made of stone. Until 1220, the castle was the feudal estate of the lords of Saint-Maurice. After that, the castle passed to the county de Foret, and then to the Duchy of Bourbon.
In 1221, Guy the 4th took control of the castle and with its stone keep dominated the surroundings and the banks of the Loire.
In 1553, the castle was in the territory of the district under the royal control, later – under the control of the Duchy of Roanne.
During the feudal (1181 – 1187) and religious (1562 – 1598) wars, the castle changed its owners several times, but in 1626 Cardinal A.-J. du Plessis, Duke of Richelieu (1585 – 1642) ordered its destruction. But it was not possible to do this in full, and something survived from the castle, for example, a donjon 17 meters high.
In 1989, they tried to reconstruct the castle, at the top of the donjon they made a platform for visitors, which allowed them to see the road around the tower.
Now the castle is a ruin of red granite. It is located near the old town of Saint Maurice. The donjon is a round tower, standing on a foundation with the walls of an old house, and dominates the necks, which are just over 100 m away. It should be noted that the castle had no military significance and served as a residence and a place of judicial functions. The castle and keep are visible through the Guy de la Mure gate, and the town of Saint Maurice can be entered through the Ri Serpentin gate.

Personal experience and the advice. This castle is interesting for those who like to walk and take pictures on the ancient ruins. You can include it in the route if you have chosen to visit some objects where the road leads through these regions.

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