Montrond Castle (Loire Valley)

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Montrond Castle (in French Château de Montrond), sometimes called Montrond-les-Bains Castle (Montrond-les-Bains)
Montrond Castle is located in the commune of Montrond-les-Bains, Loire department.
History of Montrond Castle.
The castle is named after Mont Rond, a volcanic dam overlooking the plain. In the twelfth century there is a mention that “Castrum climbed on the rondunti”, which indicates the presence of a small fortification, the property of the Counts of Drill.

In 1302 Count John I handed over Montrond and its tower to Arthaud Saint-Germain.
In 1325 Arthaud IV started building around the former castle.
In 1523, the marriage of Arthaud IX and Marguerite Albon, the daughter of Governor Jean, brings Montrond Castle to the height of its glory. The austere fortress has been transformed into a beautiful and rich castle with renaissance flavors.
In the midst of the religious wars, the descendants of Arthaud IX keep Montrond Castle intact through their loyalty to royalty.
In 1730 the family left Montrond to settle near Paris.
In April 1793 the last Marquis Antoine-Claude was guillotined. In September of the same year, Montrond Castle was burned down by a detachment of revolutionary soldiers.
In 1807, the Apchon-Montrond family was cut short by a lonely girl who died without descendants.
In 1828, the castle was sold to an individual entrepreneur who was engaged in stone-making.
Left abandoned for a century and a half, the castle was saved from final ruin by the Friends of the castle.
In 1969, a society of friends of the castle was organized.
Since 1984 it has been the property of the municipality.
The castle hosts festivals and military-historical reconstruction, theatrical performances for groups of tourists. See more
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