Soviet IS-3 Tank

Kubinka tank museum, Pavilion N1 (soviet heavy tanks and assault guns)

Soviet heavy IS-3 (Joseph Stalin)

It was developed in 1945. It was produced serially from 1945 to 1959. Was in service with the Soviet Army. Used in the battles of the Second World War. According to some information, he participated in secret trials in the battle for Berlin. First demonstrated to the Allies at the parade on September 7, 1945 in Berlin

Soviet heavy IS-3 tank in Kubinka museum

Soviet IS-3 heavy tank in Kubinka museum (IS-3M as v. 2021)

Tactical and technical characteristics of IS-3:
weight -46.5 tons
Crew – 4 people
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm 9850 x 3150 x 2450
gun – 1 piece, caliber – 122 mm., ammunition – 28 shots
machine gun – 2 pieces, caliber – 7.62 mm., ammunition – 765 shots
caliber – 12.7 mm., ammunition – 250 shots
Armor protection, mm: forehead of body 120, head of head – 250
Engine power – 520 h/p
The maximum speed is 40 km / h
Cruising range on the highway – 340 km.
Depth of water barriers to be surfaced, m 1,1

Features of the design of IS-3:
Base – tank IS-2, the overall layout is classical.
Armament – with a cannon paired a 7.62 mm machine gun; an anti-aircraft machine gun mounted on a tower turret turret; For shooting, a telescopic sight is used; The mechanism of rotation of the tower is planetary with a manual and electric stepless drive.
Protection – the shell and the tower of the original configuration; The front sheets of the hull are installed with a double slope at a large angle to the vertical; tower cast.
Chassis – engine 12-cylinder, V-shaped, four-stroke, liquid-cooled diesel (cooling system with preheater); The engine is started by an electric starter or compressed air.

Modifications and armored vehicles on the IS-3 chassis.

Soviet heavy tank IS-3M Object 703M

Soviet heavy tank IS-3M Object 703M (Kubinka museum, 2019)