Soviet ASU-85 airborne assault gun

Virtual tour of the former Hangar N 3 Kubinka Tank Museum and description of its exhibits.
ASU-85 Serial airborne self-propelled unit was developed to replace the outdated SU-76M and ASU-57.
The soviet serial airborne ASU-85 self-propelled gun or Object 573 was developed in 1956. According to the official Kubinka Tank Museum exhibits catalogue, it is named SU-85. It was mass-produced since 1956. ASU-85 was in service with the Airborne Forces of the Soviet Army.

Soviet ASU-85 airborne assault gun in Kubinka tank museum

Soviet ASU-85 airborne assault gun (Kubinka museum 2006 archive)

ASU-85 self-propelled  gun technical characteristics:

Weight – 15.5 tons, Crew – 4 people, Overall dimensions (length x width x height) – 8435 x 2970 x 1935 mm. Armament: cannon – 1 piece, caliber – 85 mm., Ammunition – 45 shots
twin machine gun – 1 piece, caliber – 7.62 mm., ammunition load – 2000 rounds
Armor protection – 45 mm. Engine power – 210 horsepower, Maximum speed – 45 km / h
Cruising on the highway – 360 km.. The depth of the water obstacles surmounted ford – 1.0 meters

Design features: The base is special. The overall layout – the engine and transmission are located in the rear of the machine. Armament – the gun is equipped with an ejection system for purging the barrel and installed in the embrasure of the frontal sheet on the frame; the initial velocity of the armor-piercing projectile is 1005 m / s. Protection – closed case made of armored rolled sheets at an angle; hull welded.

Soviet ASU-85 airborne self-propelled gun in Kubinka tank museum

Soviet ASU-85 airborne self-propelled gun (Kubinka tank museum 2006 archival photo)

Chassis – six-cylinder engine, two-stroke, automotive diesel; mechanical transmission; individual suspension, torsion bar; there are night vision devices; assault gun is descanted  by landing method.