Karl-Gerät (Mörser)

Tank museum in Kubinka, Hall N6 (Auto and armored Nazi Germany – Third Reich) exhibits

Self-propelled siege mortar  “Karl-Gerät” (040/041) (museum soviet catalogue name SU-600 “Tor” ? type), also known as “Karl Mörser”, 1940,  small serial
Disigned in 1940 and built by the company “Rheinmetall”. Releases in 1941 (total amount 6 units + 1 prototype). Each mortar had the own name.
It was believed that this mortar № VI «Ziu» was captured by the Red Army units. However, during the restoration under a layer of paint called “Ziu” we found the label ” Adam”, and after the restoration the name “Adam” was re-painted. But what N / name was captured by Red army?

Self-propelled siege mortar photo in Kubinka tank museum.


Karl-Gerät self-propelled siege mortar

Tactical technical characteristics

  • Weight — 60 tons
  • Crew — 12 people
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height)  – 11100 x 4070 x 4540 mm.
  • weaponry: gun (mortar)  1,  caliber – 600 mm.,  ammunition – 6 shots
  • The armor protection –  13  mm.
  • Engine power — 750 hp
  • Maximum speed — 12 km / h

design features:

Base – special.

The overall layout – powerplant and power transmission placed in front of the machine body.

Armament – loading mortar separation (using the loading mechanism); turning and lifting mechanisms are the sector type with the manual transmission.

Armored protection – the driver’s compartment – closed, the work places and setting mortars placed in an open area.

Chassis – the diesel engine “Mercedes-Benz”; Average specific ground pressure 0.75 kg / cm2; There are radio and a special device for the lowering a body before the firing on the ground; the hydromechanical power transmission; Suspension torsion bar; the double rollers.