Jagdpanzer IV

Jagdpanzer IV in Kubinka tank museum and Patriot Park collection.

Soviet classification: German self-propelled gun SU-75 on the basis of T-IV, 1942, serial (the official catalog). Third Reich name –Jagdpanzer IV or JagdPz IV — tank destroyer based on the Panzer IV chassis, Nazi service name – Sd.Kfz.162
Designed in 1942. Serially produced from 1943 to 1945. Operated by the army of Nazi Germany. It participated in the battles of the Second World War.
Jagdpanzer IV/70 ‘Lang’ in Kubinka tank museum:

WW2 Jagdpanzer IV (Kubinka tank museum 2003 archive)

Jagdpanzer IV (Kubinka tank museum 2003 archive)

Tactical technical characteristics of Jagdpanzer IV/70 

  • Weight — 26 tons*
  • crew – 4 people
  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height) – 8010 х 2.880 х 1985 mm.
  • Weaponry,   gun – 1 piece,  caliber – 75 mm., ammunition – 60 shots
  • machine gun – 1 piece,  caliber – 7,92 mm.,  ammunition – 3000 shots
  • Armory protection, front of the corps and turret – 70 mm.
  • Engine power — 300 hp
  • Maximum speed — 45 km / h
  • Cruising on the highway — up to 200 km.
  • Depth overcome the water barrier — 1.1 meters

design features: Base is tank Panzer IV. The overall layout – typical for self-propelled units. Engine compartment behind the gear in front, fighting in the center.
Armament – antitank gun installed on the machine. Protection – housing welded from rolled parts.
Chassis – Carburetor engine “Maybach” HL-120; Average ground pressure of 1 kg / cm “; there is a radio station, tank intercom.
*Data provided by V. Bryzgov (ex. tank museum officer) that diverge from the Western sources.