Brummbär Sturmpanzer IV

Brummbär in Kubinka tank museum and Patriot Park collection.

Soviet classification – WW2 German self-propelled howitzer SU-150, 1943, (on the base tank Panzer T-IV), serial. Third Reich official name— Sturmpanzer IV. Service label – Sd.Kfz. 166.
Other nicknames:
Sturmpanzer 43, (year of the beginning of production of self-propelled gun, 1943). German “soldier” name StuPa — abbreviation Sturmpanzer.  UK/USA “allies” called in reports «Brummbär». The reports of the Soviet assault gun was designated as “The Bear.”
Sturmpanzer was a participant of the Battles of Kursk, Anzio, Normandy, and the Warsaw Uprising.
Sturmpanzer IV ‘Brummbar’ in Kibinka tank museum Hall N6.

German WW2 Brummbär Sturmpanzer IV in Kubinka tank museum

Brummbär Sturmpanzer IV (Kubinka tank museum 2003 archive)

Sturmpanzer IV Assault Gun Tactical technical characteristics:

Weight — 28,2 tons, Crew — 5 people.
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) — 5930 х 2880 х 2520 mm
Weaponry: gun — 1 piece, caliber 150 mm, ammunition- 38 shots
Armor protection, front  – 50, 70 or 100 mm, the turet: front — 100 mm, side -50 mm
Engine power — 300 hp (soviet testing)
Maximum speed — 40 km / h
Cruising on the highway — up to 210 km.
Depth overcome the water barrier — 1 meter

Sturmpanzer Brummbär design features:
Base — tank Panzer IV, the overall layout — classic.
Weapons — gun (howitzer) StuH 43 L/12 ; one machine gun MG-34.
The armor protection — welded body of forged parts. Rolled and cast steel, surface hardened
Chassis — Maybach HL 120 the TRM, 12 cylinder, carburetor, V-type, liquid-cooled; 11867 cc working volume; Average ground pressure of 1.1 kg / cm2; there is a radio station and tank intercom.