BMD-3 airborne infantry fighting vehicle

1972-2015 virtual tour of the Kubinka Tank Museum, Moscow region.

Soviet/ Russian serial BMD-3 Airborne combat vehicle or  Object 950 was developed in 1986, commercially available.

BMD-3 airborne infantry fighting vehicle in Kubinka tank museum

BMD-3 airborne infantry fighting vehicle (Kubinka museum 2015 archive)

At this moment BMD-3 is the main combat vehicle of paratrooper forces of Russian Army.

Combat vehicle weight 12.9 -13.2 tons, Crew, persons. 3 people, Landing troop – 5 people.
Manufacturer: Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) Tractor Plant
Produced from 1985 to 1997, in service since 1990.
Dimensions: Body length 6000, Length with gun in forward position, 6360 mm, Width 3114 mm, Height 2170..2450 mm.
Reservation: bulletproof armor. The turret is made of steel, the hull is made of aluminum armor.
Armament: Caliber and brand of gun 30-mm 2A42, Type rifled small-caliber automatic gun.
Engine power -450 h/p, Highway speed -70..71 km/h, Highway range 500 km, Cross-country range -275..330 km.