WW1 – WW2 battlefields & museums Guide

In Paris and throughout France, the many squares and streets bear the names of the famous battles of the First and Second World Wars. The Square in Paris “Stalingrad”, the squadron street “Normandie-Niemen” and other names. We display all information about these places and events in France in the sections of our guide to cities and regions. Description of the famous battlefields outside of France, primarily on the Eastern Front, we place in this special section as a guide and encyclopedia based on our own archives and personal experience of visiting these sights.
The world-famous national museums of France, located in Saumur in the Loire Valley, in Le Bourget near the Charles de Gaulle airport or in the city of Meaux, have large collections of tanks, aircraft, uniforms and awards from many countries of the world and various historical periods. A special place is occupied by the countries “allies” and opponents of France in World War II, in the Cold War, in local conflicts in Indochina, in Africa, Arab countries and even in Ukraine. For the samples of equipment available in museums, we provide below a description of the events, a more detailed description of the equipment, uniforms and awards for pilots and tankers corresponding to these exhibits. We have already donated some of the uniforms and awards from our own collection to the national museums of France, where they have already taken their rightful place. We donated part of the collection to our friends and colleagues in the USA – to the Cold War Museum. After the description, we are also going to transfer the other part of the collection to these museums. On this page, we provide detailed descriptions of all of these donated and pending items. We also place rare documents and photographs of all these events and exhibits. A special place is occupied by exhibits, reference books and archives on the army of the Russian Empire, the USSR and the Russian Federation. In this area of history, our team of experts is the world leader with unique collections of uniforms, documents, photographs and artifacts. All this has already been transferred or is planned to be transferred to the national museums of France and the USA.

Another section is occupied by our collection of the scale models of the equipment and weapons, the aircrafts, tanks, soldiers. This perfectly complements museum collections where these models are not available for visitors. In addition to the scale models, there are the military toys from the Cold War, and the gifts for VIPs – the generals and the colonels, as well as the models of equipment for filming from our collection.

Post WW1 period