Tignes Ski Resort (French Alps)

Tignes (Savoie): 1550 – 3656 m – one of the best all-season ski resorts in France, which is suitable for sports, recreation, including with children. Fitness, cycling, hiking.
Local Attractions:
– beautiful lake, any time of the year
– glacier, a great place for a photo shoot
– dam, interesting engineering structure

Like neighboring Val d’Isère, Tignes is part of the Espace Killy, a world renowned skiing area of unsurpassed quality. Did you know that this Savoyard ski resort is the birthplace of freestyle skiing? Also, this resort is known for its glacier, thanks to which you can make descents here all year round. And for beginners, the advantage: 5 free cable car lifts!
The high mountain resort of Tignes is an all-season resort. In winter – skiing and all winter sports. In summer – hiking in the mountains, biking, moto, aquabike and much more. Lake Tignes is considered one of the best holiday destinations among French tourists. Tourists from other countries are also starting to explore this resort.

Official website of the resort
You can view useful information, hotels, chalets, attractions, festivals and holidays on the resort’s website www.tignes.net (it seems there is a version in English, but it is better to look in French, more complete)
“Le Lagon” water and health complex, swimming pool, fitness and SPA center
“Tignespace” – sports center
Sports grounds, Sports & leisure centers
Facilities for freestylers
Tignes is a handi-friendly resort accessible to all
Sports facilities for children
Restaurants / Eateries / Mountain restaurants
Bars / pubs
Discos / nightclubs
Tignes Multimedia Center
Tignes. Reviews, photo reports
“Doctor Jean”, an athlete and professor, about the resort: “..But this is the highest mountain base. Tignes, behind Val d’Isère. This is Lake Tignes. Frozen. in the middle. valley around it. Trails everywhere. Altitude up to 3600 meters. Trails above the sky.. The upper town – only the French are here (the French know a lot). Tignes has the biggest water park… I tried everything. And sledges and ice swimming (diving).” Photo album winter 2017. Below, under the mountain, snow is visible, which fell quite a lot during the night. Here, mostly professional athletes. The area around Tignes and Val d’Isère is a single area for recreation and sports. The photo shows the lift to the pass in the mountains, where the national park begins and the descent towards the resort of Val d’Isère. After a night snowfall, many cars were in the snow. It was necessary to dig them out, like this one, standing not far from the hotel. A snow-covered car is another argument in favor of using a transfer from the airport to the resort than renting a car. Hotel Diva is visible in the background. Modern, sporty, many people like it. Lift and Cardboard box – here they sell boarding tickets for the transporter (Ski pass). Just some kind of wooden hut, not a chalet. The alpine resort is considered to be a sports resort – professional tracks, infrastructure. Nevertheless, it is also great for families with children: animators, educators, children’s instructors.

“It snowed like this almost every night, and in the morning again clear skies and mountains of snow, many cars were covered in snowdrifts.”
Tignes ski resort hotel reviews. According to an experienced athlete and traveler who knows a lot and knows how to choose the best hotels, the Hotel de Ski D’Or turned out to be the most suitable for “Doctor Jean”. Small, cozy, comfortable. Downstairs there is a bar and a restaurant with French and European cuisine.
The official website of the hotel – hotel-skidor.com
How to get to Tignes ski resort.
Geneva International airport.
– Public transport
Private transfer from the airport by taxi, rent a car
Family holidays, holidays with children in summer
– Entertaining and sports parkour “Lair of Squirrels”, not far