Three Valleys Ski Resort (French Alps)

3 or “Three Valleys” (in French – “Les Trois Vallees”) is a ski area in the Alps, unique in scale and diversity, covering approximately 600 kilometers of ski slopes, which are connected by 200 cable cars (cableway or téléphérique). From west to east, these are the valleys of Courchevel (Saint-Bon), Meribel (Allue) and Belleville with the resorts of Val Thorens, Les Menuires and Saint-Martin-de-Belleville. The fourth, Maurienne, is also connected to these valleys through Orel. Here you can also include the small but beautiful town of Brides-les-Bains (connected by cable car to Meribel), a little further on the lift, as well as the resort of La Tania, associated with Courchevel.

Map of ski resorts and stations “Three Valleys”
Courchevel 1300, 1550, 1650 and 1850 m.
Les Menuire and Val Thorens
This map shows the main ski slopes of the Three Valleys zone, as well as the most famous resorts: Courchevel (all stations) and even Tanya, Meribel, Les Menuires, Val Thorens. Pay attention to the system of lifts (transporters or téléphérique as the French say). With their help, you can climb in one resort from one valley, for example, from Courchevel, to the pass, and from there go down to another valley, for example, to the Meribel resort. Then you can repeat the same operation, climb the pass from Meribel and descend to Menuires or Val Thorens. Here is such an independent tour of the three valleys. That is, if you live in one ski resort, then for the sake of curiosity you can visit others to see other ski slopes and local attractions (see “personal experience and reviews” in the descriptions of resorts in winter and summer). From Méribel you can also go down by ropeway to the motorway in Brides-les-Bains.
At the bottom of the map there is a transport road and the ancient town of Brides-les-Bains located on it.
Transfers from Geneva/Lyon or Grenoble take place on this road

The map shows the main ski slopes, stations and the city of Brides-les-Bains, which can be reached by telefer

Practical information.
In winter, the lift pass (adult) for the entire area costs 46.50 euros for one day or 232 euros for 6 days
In summer, there are fewer lifts and the price is 15 euros per day, or 42 euros for six days.

In winter, many people like to “visit” neighboring stations or even resorts, as there are a large number of various entertainment venues, special nightclub shows and programs. But real “corporate parties” are arranged in remote closed chalets with 2-3 floors….

How to get there
A transfer from Geneva airport here takes at least three hours, a little less from Grenoble, but American and Australian tourists still prefer Geneva (where you can also have a day of cultural rest on the way)
It is not easy to get here on your own (we checked it personally), especially in summer. The function of the public transport hub is performed by Moutiers

Taxi in the Alps” is a car or a minibus (depending on what kind of luggage you take with you and how many people in the campaign) + an English-speaking driver who is both your guide and adviser on where-what-how you can see. In winter, excursions to the main resorts are sometimes ordered (well, it’s interesting to see what other places of rest are available here so that you can visit another place of rest next time.

Personal experience and reviews
In the summer, life stops here and it is better not to go to the resort of Courchevel.
In winter, prices, at least according to the French themselves, are considered “sky-high”, but the service/recreation is on top…