Les Arcs Ski Resort (French Alps)

Les Arcs (Savoie): 1600 – 3226 m – this is very popular for French residents and visitors from all over the world, one of the best year-round ski resorts in the Alps.
Please note that from any point, the station of the resort of Les Arcs, you can go down to the valley by cable car and visit the wonderful old beautiful town of Bourg Saint Maurice.

The Arches have a special atmosphere at every height. At the top from the Arc 2000 m to the foot of the Aiguille Rouge is an area with a kilometer-long slope for experienced skiers and fashionable lovers of freshly fallen snow. Arc 1950 is aimed at comfort and luxury. Finally, for snowboarding there is a dedicated ski area on the Arc 1800, while the main area on the Arc 1600 is only 7 minutes by cable car from the Bourg-Saint-Maurice TGV station.

Village above the station 1950, about 2000 meters. These villages or stations are already considered high-altitude, designed for amateurs and athletes. Pay attention to the mountain peaks and the presence of snow. The hotels here are multi-storey, modern. There are many secluded chalets in the area. The ski slope is visible in the foreground.
Official website of the resort
To book a hotel. Useful information about hotels, attractions can be found on the resort’s website www.lesarcs.com (in French and in English). Here you can find the schedule of festivals and holidays.

Summer holidays with children, family holidays and picnics
– Entertaining sports park for children. Parkour around the resort
Reviews, photo reports and galleries, useful tips
Photo album from “Doctor Jean”, winter 2017. The ski slopes are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Great sunny weather, snow.
How to get there, transfer
The Les Arcs ski resort can be reached by funicular from the city (railway station TGV) of Bourg-Saint-Maurice. More precisely, to Les Arcs 1600 m., And then there is a free bus to other resorts of Les Arcs.

With the help of such a cable car, you can easily travel around the local old villages and, of course, vice versa. During the ascent and descent, beautiful views of the valley and surroundings open up. In summer, there are generally magnificent places here, you can periodically travel to neighboring resorts, for example, Val d’Isère or Plagne (40 minutes drive). From this station 1600 already ski slopes start in winter and cycling and hiking in summer. The funicular is about 300 meters from the Bourg Saint Maurice train station.

A one-time “pass” costs about 12 Eu, you can buy a ticket for the whole day or for several days. (You need to check the opening hours. There is a timetable, the last train back goes at 19.30 in summer)
Further from the cable car station there is a free bus to various points of the resort of Les Arcs.

How to get to the Les Arcs ski resort.
One of the ways to get to the resort is a transfer from the Bourg Saint Maurice train station. True, from Geneva or another airport, you need to get to Bourg Saint Maurice with transfers. The cable car is rather an “internal” transport between the cities and stations of this recreation area. Option for a self-guided mini-tour around the area.
Geneva International Airport, private transfer to hotel, rent a car, taxi with English speaking drover