Courchevel Ski Resort (Alps)

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Ski resort Courchevel (Savoie): station 1810 – 2610 m – the most odious, most pretentious and “lit up” in the world media resort, in fact, it is very attractive and not as insanely expensive as our TV people put it up. This is truly one of the most attractive and best year-round ski resorts in France and maybe even in Europe.

This resort hosts the biggest stars and crowned heads. Specialty restaurants, trendy boutiques, entertainment for all tastes… any craziest desires come true here. Courchevel, located in the center of the 3 Valleys, also has one of the largest ski areas in the world.

Courchevel is diversity
The entire ski resort is a large panoramic platform with all-round visibility. Staying here, you can enjoy unforgettable views of mountains and valleys. Each of the five villages allows you to enjoy a unique view of the surroundings.
This map shows the main stations: St. Beaune, Courchevel 1300 Le Praz, Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650, Courchevel 1850. Between the stations themselves there is also an internal transfer in the form of special buses and, of course, a local taxi. You can move between some stations and on the lift (funicular).
5 villages, 5 panoramas. Everywhere a unique atmosphere…
In the villages of Saint-Bon (station “Courchevel 1100”) and La Praz (station “Courchevel 1300”) you can enjoy the traditional peaceful atmosphere of mountain villages. Enjoy the wonderful combination of rustic spirit and the atmosphere of a busy tourist center!
At the Courchevel 1550 station, you can choose your place of residence: a secluded chalet or a modern hotel center. From here it is easy to get to both the most difficult ski slopes and simple forest paths.
At the Courchevel 1650 station (Morion village) you can enjoy, without exaggeration, the unique rays of the sun. The local atmosphere will appeal to both young people and families, who will appreciate the variety of offers.
Courchevel 1850 Station has been continuously developed and improved over 60 years: you will be amazed by the unparalleled choice of accommodation, the personal approach to the provision of a wide range of services, as well as the variety of brand shops, including famous luxury brands.
A more detailed map of the resort is Three Valleys. Please note that with the help of lifts and trails, you can smoothly move to the neighboring valleys.
Map 2
Map of the ski resort of Courchevel. It is strange that the map shows the location of objects in the summer. Courchevel is known as the best winter ski resort, maybe even too “pathetic” and “promoted” for VIPs. The map shows the route for mountain biking, motorcycles and mopeds. Please note that this shows the main automobile routes, which provide transfers to the resorts from Geneva and other airports.
Personal experience and reviews about the resort. According to the French, the prices at the resort are too high. In the summer in the Courchevel district “life stops”. Locals advise to go to the Prolognan resort, not far from here.
Personal experience, resort reviews, photo gallery
Photo album from “Doctor Jean” (Professor Jean Gaskin, a famous traveler and a great lover of real skiing), winter 2016-2017. Not every professional athlete “worked out” as many difficult mountain routes as this professor.. And at the same time he took beautiful and artistic photographs of mountains and slopes. Here is his small photo-report about the resort with some comments. Pay attention to the peculiar monuments to tourists with suitcases and their peculiar “translucent” design. The center of the town “Courchevel 1850” station. Here is the “tourism office” and boutiques, expensive shops, as well as restaurants and hotels. There are sports equipment rentals. In the foreground you can see cars, of which there are many – taxis, transfers from the airport (Geneva or Lyon) and back to the airport, cars of ski instructors with equipment. You can also book a tour of the surrounding area, neighboring resorts or even Geneva (day trip) or Grenoble.

You can get to the neighboring resorts (Meribel, Menuires) on your own with the help of lifts and skis. There are cafes and restaurants where you can have a bite to eat. Small slopes are visible in the distance. Please note that a large sign in Russian “Art Gallery” is visible in the background. In the center you can see the restaurant “Le Danali”. Sports equipment rental is located between the tourist office of Courchevel 1850 and the restaurant. Skiing, skateboarding and everything you need for professional and amateur sports. The ski slopes are clearly visible in the photo, even for beginners and amateurs. Skate instructors conduct classes on safe skating, lessons with the development of basic techniques. I liked Courchevel, although the professor considers it a good place for skiing for beginners. For professionals, the tracks are located higher. Pay attention to the village, the chalet on the slopes of the mountains in the valley.

Ski resort Courchevel in summer
If in winter Courchevel turns into the center of all elite recreation in the Alps, then in summer the resort practically dies out :-(. Most tourists prefer to relax with the Pralonyan and other resorts located nearby. See personal experience and reviews about the “neighbors”

How to get to the resort

  • Geneva airport, private transfer to hotel, taxi, car rental with driver