Bouthéon (Loire – Lyon – Alps)

Guide book to the Loire Valley and outside, the interesting places and the private tours from Paris by car with a guide. What to see around Boutheon Castle.

Church and Patron Saints.
Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of our parish, is celebrated on October 4th.
François was born in Assisi, Italy in 1182 to a wealthy family. He lives like all rich young people of his age and his time. However, he feels dissatisfied. Listening to a passage from the Gospel, he finds the answer to what he is looking for: to spend his life loving all of creation. Then he transforms his life, becomes poor and announces the Good News. He stands in solidarity with the poor and the marginalized. He condemns injustice. He draws strength from prayer to love and help others.
He attracts associates, who are called “little brothers” or Franciscans. On the roads to the Holy Land, they preach the love of God for all, trying with their words and gestures to follow Christ as best as possible. Pope Francis, who chose his name in relation to Saint Francis of Assisi, suggests that we take care of the common home, following what John Paul II called the patron saint of ecology.
Franciscan Brotherhood: during the initiation into the Franciscan Spirituality, we discovered and further deepened the richness of the message “poor Assisi”. We can’t stop our Franciscan adventure there. We also decided to continue the path of the Brotherhood in our parish.
If you are looking for or interested in a spirituality in which there is no sinner other than brothers in Christ who unite members of different social classes, you can join us.
In his book The Wisdom of the Poor, the Franciscan Eloy Leclerc puts through the mouth of François d’Assis, addressing one of his brothers, the following reflection:
“… The Lord sent us to preach the gospel to people. But have you thought about what it means to evangelize men? You see, to evangelize a person means to tell him: you also love God in the Lord Jesus. And not just say it, but actually mean it. And not just think about it, but behave with this person in such a way that he feels and discovers that there is something saved in him, something bigger and nobler than he thought, and let him wake up to a new self-consciousness. . This is what it means to tell him the Good News. You can only do this by offering him your friendship. True friendship, unselfish, without condescension, made of confidence and deep respect. »
We must go to the people. The task is delicate. The world of people is a huge field of struggle for wealth and power. And too much suffering and evil deeds hide the face of God from them. First of all, we must not appear to them as a new competitor when we approach them. We should be among them peaceful witnesses of the Almighty, people without lust and without contempt, capable of truly becoming their friends. It is our friendship that they expect, a friendship that makes them feel loved by God and saved in Jesus Christ.

Boutheon Castle, the useful tips and the reviews
Considering that the castle is located in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region, it makes sense to see interesting objects along the way on the map in order to include them in your tour program. Nearby is the beautiful old city of Lyon.

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