Avoriaz Ski Resort (French Alps)

Avoriaz (Department of Haute-Savoie): 1800 – 2400 m – this is an excellent ski resort in France, classic sports and mountain holidays. See the location on the map.

Avoriaz Ski Resort French Alps

Avoriaz Ski Resort French Alps

With a futuristic setting, no cars at the station, Avoriaz remains a mythical place. The ski area is connected to the Portes du Soleil – excellent quality. One of the very first ski resorts in France and has a good reputation and reviews among snowboarders.

Avoriaz Ski Resort French Alps

Ski slopes, Avoriaz Ski Resort French Alps

Avoriaz – walking resort, the hiking
Fully integrated into the surrounding ski area, it is unique for its snowy walking streets. The streets are ski runs, all the tourist spots have access to the slopes and ski lifts, and the kids can sled in complete safety right in the center of the village.
“Taxi” – horse-drawn sledges and sunny terraces where skiers and non-skiers can get together and enjoy the lively atmosphere that reigns in Avoriaz!
Welcome to an extraordinary place…

Avoriaz Ski Resort French Alps

Ski Resort French Alps

Alps: Recreation, Mountains, Nature
The mountain resort of Avoriaz is located on a plateau facing south and dominating the Morzine Valley. It is located in the heart of the vast Portes du Soleil region of the Alpine plains. Not far from the Swiss border, between Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva, the resort, with its amazing mimetic architecture, is a perfect example of modernism integrated into nature. Avoriaz, located in alpine meadows, is a resort with a charming natural setting: spruce, lakes, greenery, chalets, countryside, preserved fauna and flora.

Avoriaz Ski Resort French Alps

Sun, snow, mountains and nature. Ski Resort French Alps

Tropical paradise even in winter
Opened in July 2012, this amazing Aquariaz water park is right in the center of the resort, offering fun activities for the whole family. For summer, there are sports facilities such as “slider”, a climbing wall. Enjoy the feeling of being swept along by the river flow or cooling off in the massage bubble bench, as well as in the outdoor hot tub overlooking the Morzine Valley.
Reviews, photo reports about the resort Avoriaz
Photo album of the traveler and athlete “Doctor Jean”, winter 2017. Ski slope of the Avoriaz mountain resort and houses on the edge of the gorge. Hotels and houses for tourists, mountains are visible in the distance. Pay attention to the traces of aircraft in the sky. The nearest major airport is Geneva. But traces of burnt fuel show that the flights were clearly not passenger. These are either French or Swiss military aircraft, or maybe sports ones. Avoriaz is a real ski resort for athletes, professionals and amateurs. Trails of varying degrees of difficulty and at different heights. The panoramic image shows all the surrounding mountains and gorges. Pay attention to an individual skier at the edge of the slope. On the lift from the Avoriaz resort, you can climb and smoothly find yourself in another country. Switzerland, lift station and ski equipment.

Sports & Recreation, Mountain Bike Camp
By choosing Avoriaz, you will have one of the most extensive mountain bike sites on the planet straddling the French-Swiss border! With just one ski lift, you can access all mountain biking facilities throughout the area. 650 km of pure happiness. Thanks to the resort’s location in the heart of the Portes du Soleil area, you can easily reach the 650 km of the highway from Avoriaz. Off-road, enduro, downhill. All modes of MTB (mountain biking) are available at the resort, whether you are a novice, novice or experienced cyclist.
Hiking, family holidays and picnics in the mountains
800 kilometers of hiking trails. Avoriaz is located in the heart of the Alpine region of Portes du Soleil. It offers breathtaking scenery, tranquility and more tranquility, moments of complete relaxation or extreme sports, adrenaline-fueled active holidays, and family fun!
With an extensive and varied selection of hiking trails, the Portes du Soleil area offers endless possibilities, allowing you to cross the border for a true hiking trip in an incomparable setting. You will enjoy stunning countryside (passages, ridges, forests, mountain pastures, waterfalls, lakes, torrents) with open panoramic views of Dens du Midi, wreath flowers and Mont Blanc. Avoriaz is a great base from which to explore the Portes du Soleil mountain hikes, easy local trails accessible to all or challenging trails through mountain shelters.
Less than 30 minutes walk, let yourself be seduced by a visit to a mountain farm, a picnic break at the Brochot waterfall, a swim in Lake Montriond, a snack in the goat village of Lindaretta, a wine tasting “pomade” Mountain village with typical Swiss chalets.
Guided mountain hikes are also organized: a half-day walk with marmot, ibex and sulfur to discover rural life, alpine flora, cheese production.
Hiking in the mountains with a guide
In the summer, mountain walks with alpine skiing are organized: a half-day walk along the “groundhog trail” to discover rural life, alpine flora, cheese production .. A day trip will allow you to go further and discover the mountains, Treasures.
Boy Scout Programs
The advantage of this holiday destination is that it is located at a high altitude and has direct access to many roads. Every day the “Maison de la Montagne” (mountain center) offers new routes of all difficulty levels. This can be done for half a day (“groundhog path”, “chamois path”, search for plants, excursions to cheese factories, etc.) One-day walking tours to high mountain lakes, famous mountain peaks approaching glaciers, etc.)
Chair lifts & cable cars for pedestrians
The chair lifts of the Avoriaz cable car will operate partly from 23 June and fully from 14 July to 3 September. From the resort, discover the most beautiful pistes of Avoriaz and Portes du Soleil.
Multipass. For €2 per person and per day, discover the exceptional beauty of the Portes du Soleil area. Enjoy unlimited access to chair ditches for hiking with the whole family in the mountains on your way to beautiful peaks, lakes and waterfalls. The Multi Pass is a card that gives you unlimited access to walking chairlifts, tennis courts and crazy golf for €2 per person and per day. This pass is available for people renting accommodation to a Multi Pass participating accommodation provider (Avoriaz Location, Centrale Locative de l’Immobilière des Hauts Forts, France Location, Immobilière des Dromonts, Selectis, Montagne et Prestige, Neige et Roc Hotel And private tenants included in the booking center of the Avoriaz Tourist Office).
Summer Children’s Village or French Boy Scout Camp
The Village des Enfants welcomes toddlers, children and youth from 3 to 16 years old. Sports activities are conducted by government qualified instructors and physical education/sports teachers. Within the framework of leisure, employees who qualify as leaders of activity work. Focusing on sports, nature and the mountains, the 5 programs offered have been designed so that children, regardless of their age and level, can participate in sports and the mountains for maximum fun and learning! During the summer, the Children’s Village is usually open from 9 July to 1 September.
Adventure courses
The principle of such “adventure” courses is the alternation of sports activities, in the form of recreational activities for beginners, where leisure activities are held aimed at exploring this mountainous area. Every half day, children, divided into different age groups, engage in sports and leisure activities based on the mountain theme and adapted to the age of each group of children:
3-5 years Mini trampoline, bouncy castle, gymnastics, mini climbing wall (artificial decoration), circus school, music classes.
6-7 years old. Fencing, archery, horseback riding, tennis, hiking, construction huts…
8-9 Ponies – horseback riding, beach volleyball, beach soccer, fencing, rock climbing, huts, big team games…
10-11 Tennis, archery, judo, “Shetland” or big pony riding, climbing, fencing, trampoline, circus school, volleyball and nature workshop, building a log cabin, outdoor games, other activities, discovery flora…
Team of juniors (12-13 years old) and teenagers (14-16 years old)
Program for the week! Kayak, bivouac, adventure park, acro brunch, beach volleyball, rock climbing, squash, water games, roller hockey, ice skating, MTB, Burger Music soirées, volleyball, basketball tournaments and a night in a mountain shelter…

Children’s sports courses
For young people who want to learn and/or participate in a particular discipline, we offer courses in riding, beating, fencing, mountain biking

Riding courses
6-9 / 10-14 years For small children, Shetland ponies and for large children ponies. Training, games, jumping, pony games, trick, horse ball… Every day, 1½ hours of riding and 1½ hours of pony related activities: grooming and feeding, knowledge of horses, maintenance of equipment, horse knowledge quizzes… 6 sessions per week :
– Horse riding: from 13:30 to 17:00
Mountain bike
9-11 years old: training, manual support by an instructor / 12-14 years old: self-guided trips (pre-programmed with topic, level and age)
– 1/2 day: 9am to noon and 2pm to 5pm (4 times a week), downhill, cross country, …
Picnic day: 9 am to 5 pm (2 times a week)
– Plus course:
Initial training / travel analysis at the resort (from 5pm to 6pm) aged 9 to 11 y.o.
Prices: in the Children’s Village
Plus courses:
– 6/16 years: Climbing, climbing technique on an artificial wall.
– 8/16 Fencing, initiation and development, use of electric tracks.
– Archery: Pass the official FFTA tests

Study of mountain farms and agriculture
Cheeses. From 10 am to 6 pm every day. Order the day before (you must come with utensils for milk or cheese), sausage, butter, ham, jam….

Mountain Agricultural School “Seraussaix”
In this “1st mountain pastoral school in France”, mountain agriculture students learn the work of a shepherd. This means studying the process of milk processing, grazing and selling agricultural products.
Since 2008, Morzine has rented the mountain pastures of Serassix from the vocational agricultural college of Contamines-sur-Arves from June to October.
There are about 40 dairy cows and 100 heifers on this pasture. Every day the cheesemaker turns the milk into “Abondance” and “Tomme d’alpage”. He also sells agricultural products and organizes visits and tastings of farm products twice a week. When grazing, heifers and cows help to avoid the closure of the countryside. This is important for maintaining mountain pastures, open areas for tourism and the production of quality dairy products and mountain agriculture. In the Seraussa mountain pasture, in addition to cows, there are also calves and horses. This project arose from a partnership between the College, Alpine Economic Society 74, and the Manshe Valley Pastoral Lands Association.
Nordic walking. Sports and fitness.
Very popular in Austria, this sport allows you to stay fit while enjoying a hiking adventure. Practiced with special pedestrian poles called “Northern sticks”; This sport allows you to breathe fresh air and stay in harmony with nature.
Nordic walking is an open sport sport with a dynamic and harmonious pace, which gives a common work to all the chains of the muscles of the body. This walking style is practiced with two long poles, resulting in the use of the entire body, not just the legs.
This is not a competitive sport, but a new concept of movement, an activity that simultaneously works on endurance and muscle tone.
The principle behind Nordic walking is simply to emphasize the natural sweeping motion of the arm by propelling the body forward with two long poles called Nordic sticks. Made from a blend of fibers (carbon/fiberglass), they are one molded piece with rubber ends to suit all types of terrain. The support of the sticks avoids any joint injury.
Nordic walking sessions always include a little bit of gym for general body conditioning. These sessions begin with warming up the muscles and joints to increase blood flow and end with a bout of stretching. Chopsticks are used during each exercise. With this exercise, 90% of all the muscles of the body are involved!
Summer rest. Lakes and waterfalls
Through beautiful routes you can reach in less than 30 minutes and see:
– Waterfall Borsho
– Lake Montrion: a place for swimming and a beach for children
– hot waterfall
Detailed information, hotels, attractions and festivals – the official website of the Avoriaz resort www.avoriaz.com
A real “water paradise” AQUARIAZ, well suited for family and children’s recreation, both in winter and summer. The water park makes winter holidays as summer.

How to get there.
Geneva airport. Meeting, transfer, English-speaking taxi
Geneva is the main point of arrival for tourists following the ski resort of Avoriaz. “English-speaking taxi” will meet you at the exit of the terminal at the airport and transfer you to the resort. Optionally, you can organize a short sightseeing tour of Geneva along the way. Prices, type of car (class “budget”, “economy” and VIP service) see Geneva Airport