Alpe d’Huez Ski Resort (Alps)

L’Alpe d’Huez (Isère): 1860 – 3300 m – one of the best mountain skiing and tourist resorts in France both in winter and summer, all-season. Alps, see the map. Great for families with children – like a family resort. The ancient settlement for the extraction of silver and coal, in the early 20s of the last century, turned into a ski resort, rightfully considered one of the oldest and best in the region.

History – This area in the Alps has been inhabited since the Middle Ages. To the east of L’Alpe veti, a medieval agglomeration called Brandes grew from the late 11th to the 14th century. It consisted of a castle, a parish church with a cemetery, a village with about 80 houses, open and underground mine workings, as well as several industrial areas. Its inhabitants ran the silver mine on behalf of the Dauphin. Currently, it is the only medieval “crown” known and completely preserved, which makes the place unique in Europe and is classified as a historical monument by Decree of August 6, 1995.

Alpe d’Huez Ski Resort Alps France

Alpe d’Huez Ski Resort (Alps) after WW1

The archaeological site, excavated and continuously studied since 1977 by the CNRS team, is registered as a historical monument. Medieval mining extended from the Gua (Gua, Sarenne valley to Lac Blanc, White Lake, Rousses Massif). The massif has also been the subject of mining, including copper mining, since the Bronze Age.

Interesting Facts – It was in Alpe d’Huez that the famous botanist Gaston Bonnier began his study of the flora of France in 1871.
Resort. The station has been under construction since the 1920s. It was here in 1936 that the first ski lift with poles was opened, created by Jean Pomagalski, the founder of Poma.

Our days, modern status. Long cable cars can take you to the remote corners of the Grand Rousse mountain range. During such a trip, you will have fantastic views of the mountains and surroundings. From a height of 3300 meters you have a magnificent panorama of the Alps. Excellent views are also from Piq Blanc, where tourists visit with the help of year-round cable cars in winter and summer. The total length of the ski slopes here is 245 kilometers (!). All trails are varied, there are for beginners, there are for professionals.
This destination is popular both in winter and summer, especially due to the famous passage through the pass during the famous Tour de France. The Alpe d’Huez ski resort is always crowded with skiers, especially those who come with their families. The most courageous can try their hand at the longest track in Europe, La Sarene (length -16 km, elevation difference 2200 m!).

Sunny Island – says the ad in the photo. Indeed, this islet, located at the top of the mountains, sparkles in the sun both in winter and summer and cheers up with its sunlight. There is entertainment for both adults and children, both in winter and in summer. In winter it’s skiing. The resort has several funiculars and ski slopes. A trip to them is already a small excursion in the mountains, from where you can see the resort at a glance. In the summer it is cycling and hiking in the mountains. The resort is located high in the mountains and it is very unusual to see cyclists, both professionals and amateurs, riding up the serpentine. Beginners ride bikes around the resort. Hiking in the mountains (possible with a picnic and, of course, cheese and wine 🙂) is very helpful with long lifts, more precisely, these are not only lifts, but also a large transport system for moving around the mountains. In one hour, it will take you far from the resort, and then you yourself choose the direction of the hike. The resort has swimming pools (all year round), an ice skating rink and a sports centre.

Mountain resort in summer
Cycling enthusiasts come here to try the legendary Tour de France from Bourg d’Oisans in the valley to the resort in the mountains. When you go up in a car, you constantly meet cyclists.
For starters, you can ride a bike in the resort itself, using the lifts that can take you with a bike far into the mountains.
Hiking in the mountains is also very popular in this resort, naturally with picnics in nature. Cheese and local wine make such a holiday attractive and enjoyable.
Not far from the resort is the city of Grenoble, which is rightfully considered the Capital of the French Alps. Very interesting day trips to Grenoble, where there are several museums, a fortress-fort with a funicular and a beautiful panoramic view from the mountain. There are various adventure attractions for children. If you decide to relax in the Alpe d’Huez mountain resort in the summer, be sure to check out the list of Grenoble attractions that we have compiled after carefully studying and describing in detail.

Best, luxury or budget Hotels
The resort has a large number of hotels and tourist houses of different style and price for every taste. Our team of experts have visited many of them and as time permits we will post information about them.
Hotel booking. Information about hotels, programs, holidays – on the resort website (in French or in English)

Museums and attractions
Musée d’Huez et de l’Oisans is a local history museum dedicated to the history of the resort and the area. Located in the Palace of Sports and the Congress Center. Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 16h30 à 18h30
There is a Sports Palace and a Congress Center

Alpe Vol Libre – EPF Alpe Sports Loisirs – paragliding
École de Vol Montagne Alpe d’Huez (located in Altiport Henri Giraud). School training and pleasure flights

Airport transfer, taxi
How to get to the resort of Alpe d’Huez – L’Alpe d’Huez:

The resort is considered one of the most remote from Geneva and Lyon, so the journey takes some time. It takes more than 3 hours to get here from Geneva airport, about an hour from Grenoble (even less from the RR station)
Sightseeing tours are possible in Grenoble and its environs, on Lake Laffrey and the Napoleonic Road. Tasting of Chartreuse liqueur or WW2 battlefields tour.

– Transfer from Lyon airport, minibus (car) with an English-speaking guide, the best route, you can also see Lyon, the center
– Chambery airport, regional flights
– Grenoble, the  airport or train station (from Paris or Nice)
Geneva. Relatively long but beautiful road through Grenoble